Amy McIntyre Testimonial

My Experience Working for Super English by Amy McIntyre

I remember applying for Super English and filling out the questionnaire wondering if I was  ready to take the leap.  I got a reply the very next morning, and a Skype interview arranged that  afternoon.  At first I was a little hesitant about coming to Thailand.  I was not sure if I was ready  to leave everyone and everything I knew.  After talking to Peter I instantly felt better and had a  good feeling about the decision.  I knew Super English would be the place for me.  I applied for  many jobs all around the world and I heard back from most of them, but I didn’t get the great  welcoming feeling I got with Super.  I wanted to get experience as a teacher and Peter was so  supportive and understanding I took the job as soon as I was offered it.  I was offered a job in  March and began in July.  I booked my flight straight away and started to save.  I had millions of  questions every day and I would often email Peter, the teachers, and the new teachers due to arrive  the same time as me.  Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and answered all questions and  provided me with lots of advice.  Time flew by and before I knew it, it was July!  I remember  having a mini-panic… I was terrified of the thought of teaching!  I was questioning if I had made  the right decision about moving half-way across the world to begin a new job I was not very  experienced in.  My last 2 weeks with my friends and family were so great I started to think maybe  I shouldn’t leave.   I sent a very long email to one of the teachers telling her about my fears and  thoughts.  She replied instantly and put me at ease.  Brittney was also new and had arrived two  weeks before me.  She said she felt exactly the same way but assured me that all would be well, that  I would love it, and everyone was friendly.

I was greeted at the airport by Wen, the Thai staff administrator at Super English who handles  many important details on the Thai side at the school.  She had a little sign with my name on and  all the teachers had written me a little welcome message.  I began to get nervous as we approached  the house; I started practising my “hello, hey, hi” in my head.  When I arrived I was made to feel  very welcome.  All the teachers came out to say hello to me on my first night.  I was bought snacks  and drinks.  I had a ton of questions about the teaching and everyone shared their stories of when  they first came.  

I feel I settled in really quickly and everyone was really great at making me feel welcome. People  took turns showing me around and took me to shops to get settled.  I arrived on a weekend so  there were many parties and events; I managed to meet most of the other teachers in the city.  I  was amazed and relieved to see that there was a large community of foreign teachers around that  hang out and spend time together.  Super English put on a welcoming Hawaiian party for us and it  was a great bonding session.  A few drinks, a few cringing dance moves always speeds up the  process.  

I cannot believe how fast time flies.  I have one month left!  I am very sad to be leaving, I have  had such a great time and experience.  Super English has been the best company I have ever  worked for and my job has been the best job I have ever had.  I feel so fortunate with my  experience teaching for Super that I am a little nervous to move on as I have been treated so well  here.

I have been lucky to have had nothing to complain about here.  I know if I had had any issues,  Peter would have been more than happy to help sort out the problem.  I did have a small problem  with some students being disrespectful.  I was a little embarrassed with the nature of the problem  but I went to Janet and Peter since I was not too sure how to handle it and they were great!  They  really stuck up for me and were on my side.  Peter came to the school to let the administration  know that that kind of behaviour was unacceptable.  He brought it to the Thai teachers’ attention  and the students have since then been little angels.  

All the teachers that work for Super are amazing.  They have all really helped me grow as a  teacher.  They have all sat and listened when I have had a bad day and always said something really  positive to help me get back up again.  They have often given me new ideas for the classroom and  given me fun ways to manage the classroom as I felt I struggled with it at the beginning.  I have  had some really fun nights out with them, some great weekends away, and amazing holidays as  well.  They have been my family here and I love them all and will miss them dearly.  Peter really  looks after his staff.  He always throws parties and is very generous.  I have had a great time.  If  you are reading this because you have accepted a job then you should be really excited!  Coming  here was the best decision I have ever made!  

One other bonus for me moving to Surat; I have met the love of my life!  I met him on my  second day here at a house party.  Things like that never used to happen to me.  I was always the  unlucky one.  I had actually gotten out of a relationship and was going through an awful break up.   That was the last thing on my mind.  It was love at first sight.  I am incredible happy and we are  moving to Japan together.