My oh my, where does all the time go?  I can still feel the overwhelming excitement, nervousness,
and uncertainty that filled my mind last August.  But after a few months of experiencing the trials and
tribulations of the Phuket job market, I was welcomed into the Super English family with open arms.  
Looking back it's been one of the best decisions I have made since becoming a teacher.  The lifestyle,
teaching experience, and especially the work environment are as good as you will find in Thailand.  
SuratThani isn't a backpacker’s paradise by any means, but its shortage of western comforts provides a
unique, rewarding, and authentic Thai experience that I've grown to love over the past year.   

A change of scenery is never something to take lightly, especially when the new setting includes a
completely foreign language, strangely unique culture and a climate that only seems suitable for
mosquitoes and cold-blooded reptiles.  But, like any new challenge, these things became easier with
time and I’ve ultimately grown to appreciate them.  The management and my fellow teachers at Super
English were a tremendous help throughout this process.  Whether I needed help with lesson
planning, game ideas, classroom management, or simply finding the best restaurants around Surat; all
I needed to do was ask.  

Super English’s management style is more comparable to a supporting family than a profit seeking
business.  Certain people are given various responsibilities, but it’s never treated as a chain of
command.  Information and assistance flows freely amongst teachers regardless of seniority or title.  
My favorite aspect of working for Super is the school’s lack of micro-management.  Peter displays the
utmost confidence in his teachers and allows us to handle our classes as we see fit.  As long as the
students and teachers are pleased, so is Peter.  On the other hand, he’s always open and willing to help
if you seek out his assistance.  

This family-like work environment is only possible with a group of teachers that see themselves as
more than just coworkers; and my fellow Super teachers are some of the best friends I’ve made in
Thailand.  We travel together, eat together, work out together, go out together, etc, etc.Apart from
generally hiring like-minded individuals who get along well, Super English does a great job of team
building.  Each month we have a group activity that allows everyone to meet up and let loose.  
Whether it’s a Jersey-Shore themed party, Thanksgiving dinner, or a weekend away in Khanom; these
events have provided some of the most memorable highlights from my time with Super.  

Another thing that sets Super English apart from any other language school is the flexibility of its
schedule.  The only time I’m required to be at school is when I’m actually teaching a class.  For my
position at Thidamaepra there are no required office hours, minimal paperwork and an abundance of
holidays.  Providing a ridiculous amount of free time for doing whatever my heart desires.  Over the
last year I have had extensive time to roam around Thailand and see some of the most amazing places
and people this silly country has to offer.  I don’t know of any other school in Thailand that provides
such flexibility for its teachers.

Along with my time working for Super English, so many other aspects of Thailand have left me head
over heels in love with the place.  Life here is peaceful in a way I’ve never experienced anywhere
before. Thai people approach everything in the simplest way possible, greet all of life’s intricacies with
a smile, and the only thing they enjoy more than laughing is eating.  Strangers aren’t concerned with
who you are or why you’re here; the only question on their mind is “Gin khaoruyung?”  Quite literally,
“eat rice yet?”  A question posed as casually as “What’s up man?” Thais take naps when they’re sleepy;
they eat when they’re hungry; and they get things done when they feel like doing them.  Everything
is done at an individual’s preferred pace and no one seems to have a problem with that.  

The last year, to put it simply, has been a breathe of fresh air.  For the first time in my life I have
discovered a place and a purpose that leave me feeling both accomplished and content at the end of the
day.  There are countless things I will miss greatly about Super English and SuratThani.  But, more
importantly, there are so many wonderful memories and worthwhile lessons I will take with me to my
next destination.  Enormous thanks are due to Peter and everyone else that has been involved with
the best year of my life so far.  Cheers mates.  
One Year Testimonial by Daniel Trevor