Three months in Suratthani:  And an agreement honoured!

I had a disagreement with my boss in Phuket when I was teaching English predominately at
resorts.  I was promised the world and it looked like for a while I was going to be making around
50,000 baht a month.  Eventually when I discovered I was being lied to I had enough.  Not all
employers are truthful in Thailand. But, I took action and sourced out a new job, where I started
work at Super English in Suratthani.  I had conversation with the boss Peter and he told it to me
straight. He told me that he only had a three month contract for me but was keen for me to join his
team for that short time.

I jumped at the opportunity to teach a different style of teaching and I have not regretted it. I
taught from the 1st of July, 2013, through to the 27th of September, 2013.  Everything that Peter
promised came to pass.  I was assisted with getting my new visa and I always was paid in a timely
fashion.  I was having so much fun half way through my contract that I desperately wanted a
contract extension; unfortunately there was not a position available for me after the three months.
It is very important to find an employer who will stick by their world in Thailand. It is not
uncommon on a short-term contract not to be paid your last month’s wage and really there is
nothing you can do about that.  I did not have that problem and was paid out in full for my last
month before my contract was even finished..  

Super English is also fun to work for: Peter has a philosophy of a basically hands-off management
style.  He lets the teachers teach and I believe he would only intervene if there was a serious
problem.  This helps to facilitate self-reliance and a relaxed work environment.  Another bonus of
teaching at Super English is that the teaching group is quiet large, so you always have somebody to
learn from.  I think this is particularly important to a new teacher, or for somebody who does not
speak Thai, as some of the more remote locations could and do become very isolating.

The crew, Peter has astutely recruited is a top notch fun crew, which all just seems to jell together
and work as a team.  These top-notch people were always willing and happy to help me enhance my
teaching skills.  The Thai teachers at Thidamaepra where I worked were friendly and helpful and
many went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

Parties:  Peter generously puts on a quality party for all his Super English staff once a month and
these functions really help to bond us all together.  Of course we are all friends and also socialize
outside of work and these informal functions are also always totally awesome..

Loved my kids:  Generally the kids are very well behaved and very respectful.  I really fell in love
with my P2 and P3 kids.  I really wish I could have stayed longer. I know they will miss me for a
little while and I will miss them.

Super English is really a great learning environment whether you have been teaching for a while
or if you have never taught before you will be assisted to become a good teacher, or an even better

Peter is more than fair: And created the most relaxed enjoyable work experience I have ever had
the pleasure to be involved in.  If you have a problem he will do his best to solve it in a fair way and
will listen and consider your concerns.

Suratthani: In my opinion Suratthani is not Thailand’s most pretty city, however if you can find a
house in the jungle just outside of Suratthani you may find yourself living in a beautiful jungle style
environment (and that is beautiful) but you will still be close to work. You are close to many of
Thailand’s top tourist attractions.  Suratthani also has better sporting facilities than most Thai cities
and I have traveled extensively in Thailand so I do know.

My recommendation:  If you are thinking about a teaching career in Thailand, seriously consider
Super English.  You will finish your contract a better teacher.  You will have fun, you will have the
opportunity to see many of Thailand’s best tourist attractions, particularly in the south and you can
be confident that you will get the pay and working conditions that Peter the boss at Super English
will present to you!!!!

One last thing: I would like to thank Peter for being a man of his word and also I would love to
thank all my work colleagues for the friendship and support they showed to me at Super.

Lenny Champness
1 November 2013