Blake Schlaich Testimonial

My One-Year Testimonial By Blake Schlaich

What I think really sets Super English apart from all the other language schools in Surat Thani, or the  world for that matter, is how much Peter and the management really care about the teachers.  Peter is  always straightforward.  He is always there if you need anything at all, work or otherwise.  Every month he  comes up with some kind of crazy, fun work/social event for us (just see pics from the Jersey Shore party…  oh my).  Because he started out as a teacher, just like the rest of us, he knows what teachers want and need  when working so far, far away from home and works very hard to make sure that we are all having the best  experience that we possibly can.  

Before I got hired by Super English, I was living in Bangkok for about two months, completing my TEFL  course and then looking for work.  After miserable interview after interview, several unanswered  applications, and being on the verge of giving up hope, I decided to look for work outside of BKK.  A friend  told me that Surat Thani was a cool town close to the islands, so I checked for available jobs there.   Super English was the first school I applied to.  I came across the website and was baffled by how  informative and helpful it was, unlike anything I’d seen prior in Bangkok.  The same day that I sent in my  application to Super, I got a reply back from Peter personally.  Even though there weren’t any openings at  the time (spots go quick at Super!), Peter was super helpful and even recommended other reputable schools  in town.  Long story short, an opening came up and within a week Peter offered me a position at Super.  I’d  done nothing more than speak with Peter on the phone a few times, but I knew that Super English was the  perfect fit for me.  Okay, okay… I know, I know… this is a testimonial, not a tribute to Peter.

Anyway, Super English makes it really easy to ease in and feel comfortable living in Thailand.   I live in an  awesome brand new house, with wi-fi, and hot (running water), which is hard to come by in Surat.  All  work permits and visas are taken care of by Wen and the staff… something that I hear teachers at other  schools constantly stressing about and it’s something that I don’t even think about.  They offer workshops,  Thai lessons, and more.  Not to mention that it’s all provided free by Super.  

The best part about working for Super English is the people.  I have five incredible roommates that have  become great friends.  Super English would not be allowed to exist in the U.S. because they screen people.   To work for Super you have to be awesome.  I’m sure of it.  It sounds cheesy, I know, but the Super team is  really like a family away from home.  Everyone is encouraging, supportive, and helpful when it comes to  work.  Aside from work we hang out all the time, not because we have to, but because everyone brings  something to the group and having an awesome time is a requirement.  Whether you need help with a  lesson plan or just want someone to have a beer with, all you have to do is call.

After my first semester with Super I was so pleased, so content, that I couldn’t imagine sticking with my  original plan of going back home to the U.S. after my year contract ended.  When I returned from the two- month break (another insanely rad perk of working at Super), I told Peter that I wanted to sign on for an  additional six months.  It was a great decision and upon completing my first year with Super, I can’t wait to  spend another school term in Surat, with my students, with my friends, and with Super English.