Bonnie Vidrine Testimonial

Testimonial by Bonnie Vidrine

When I came to Thailand, it was my first time in Asia. Nothing was remotely similar to America or Central America.

Thai people drive on the opposite side of the street, they put corn on top of their pizza, and they ride their babies on motorbikes. I have been in Thailand since September of 2006 and now things are wonderfully familiar. Super English is more like a family then I would have ever imagined. They are warm and truly care about their teachers. They seek to bring out your best qualities and nurture them. We are all teachers in one way or another to the people in our lives, but Super English has cultivated my talents as a teacher and encouraged me to grow. It has been a life changing experience.

About me: I’m a country girl from Louisiana. During high school, I worked as an acrobat instructor for kids and teenagers. Then, I double majored in English writing and Business at a Jesuit University in New Orleans. After I graduated, I had a brief, very boring career in banking.

Following Hurricane Katrina, I moved to Belize, Central America to practice travel writing. I volunteered with children in the country and had a blast. While in Belize, my father encouraged me to move to Thailand, a country he has loved for years. I took his advice and a position at Super English and have had an incredible experience here.