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  • Average Monthly Salaries for S.E. Teachers for the 2010-2011 School Year

    Super English pays its teachers per hour. Most classes are paid at 250 Baht per hour, however we have many that are paid at 300 Baht per hour. Some teachers teach 25 hours per week. Others teach as low as 20. Most teach either 22 or 23.

    Since we pay per hour, the more you work the more you earn. In months when there are holidays, such as August and December, salaries will be lower because
    teachers are not working as much.

    For teachers who wish to make money during holiday months, such as March, April, May, and October, we offer fun camps for students. However, the camps
    are voluntary for the teachers. If no teachers wish to work and want to take that time to see Thailand and the surrounding countries, then we encourage
    them to do so. Super English offers more vacation time than any other school.

    Other language schools in Surat Thani pay a flat salary of either 23,000 or 24,500 Baht per month.

    Contrary to other schools, bonuses and housing allowances were not factored into the figures on the right, thereby giving a 100% factual accounting of average
    monthly wages. The contract completion bonus offered by Super English is 25,000 and is not performance based.


    January: 25,354.55

    February: 32,397.73

    March: holiday

    April: holiday


    May: 13,647.73 (8 days of classes)

    June: 41,262.50

    July: 29,590.91

    August: 22,804.55

    September: 42,836.36

    October: holiday

    November: 28,383.64

    December: 26,536.82