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  • A Tribute to Miss Amy McIntyre by Brittney Johnson 2010

    I knew from the first email communication I had with Amy that we were going to be great friends. We exchanged several emails after we agreed to work for Super English while I was still in Texas and she was still in London. We both sent each other “freak out” emails right before we left for Thailand. I arrived two weeks prior to her and sent her an email about how I was sad to leave home and my friends, etc. She responded with the most encouraging and helpful email and put all of my worries at ease. She did the same thing to me right before she left for Thailand. This time it was my turn to comfort her. So, we both had a kind of special bond before even meeting each other.

    I couldn’t wait for Amy to arrive. My first two weeks in Thailand were difficult for me. It’s always an adjustment when arriving in a new country, with a new job and meeting new people. I didn’t arrive in Surat at the normal time with other new teachers came. So, I was there in an “in between” time, if you will. Some teachers were leaving soon. I was the only “new” teacher for the first two weeks I was there. Although everyone at Super English was extremely nice and helpful, I couldn’t wait for Amy to arrive.

    I remember the first night Amy arrived. I wanted to go to the airport to pick her up but I had classes. So I went to her house later that night. She came bouncing down the stairs with a huge smile and bubbly personality. From then on, we did everything together. Wherever Amy was, I was, and vice versa. She moved in to my house one month later. Although we worked at different schools, we worked out together, ate dinner together and went out on weekends together. We both have gone through stressful and hard times while here in Surat. We have both been there for each other to talk, cry, unload, and laugh with. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Amy during certain times. She is great at giving advice and I know I can always go to her with anything.

    This was Amy’s first teaching job so she was really anxious and nervous about teaching. She taught high school and she’s a really tiny girl, so I could see why. She put a lot of effort and time into planning her lessons. She really wanted to be a successful teacher. And I admire how much she cared about doing a good job. She’s not only a fantastic teacher now, she found out she really loves it and is going to teach again after Thailand.

    Amy is super outgoing and positive. She is very spiritual and selfless and is always thinking of others. My birthday was 2 months after we arrived in Surat, and she did so much to make me feel special. She does so many little sweet things for people she cares about; always leaving notes, little gifts, flowers, etc, just to let you know that she’s thinking of you.

    We had a one month holiday in October so Amy and I spent it traveling around Thailand. I have found that some friends are not good traveling friends. But Amy and I got along great the entire time! We survived a jungle trek in Chiang Mai, saw the horrifying Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, hung out with hippies in Pai, lived like queens in the Hilton several times, have gone to many islands together and partied it up here in our very own Surat Thani.

    As time has moved on, we have made more friends, taken on different activities, and both have boyfriends now. She is going to teach in Japan soon and I have plans in the works. So we will be going our separate ways. I believe everyone is put in each other’s lives for a reason and I am grateful that I met Amy. She has inspired me in many ways. I know she will excel in teaching in Japan and with any other endeavor she takes on. Even though we are going different ways now, I am positive that I will see Amy again since we are both world travelers. After all, the world is a small place. I can’t imagine what Surat would have been like without Amy. I’m incredibly thankful I was able to meet her and I know everyone that met her feels the same. I will miss you Amy!