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  • A tribute to beautiful Brittney By Chris Ansell 2010

    Roses are red, violets are…ah yes, tribute, tribute, tribute, sorry…let me start again…

    I would like you to envisage a wheel. A bicycle wheel if you will. A bicycle wheel made with the finest stainless steel spokes. Now the wheels strength is determined by the quality of these spokes and the quality of the person who built the wheel. Give a novice the finest steel spokes to build the finest steel wheel and the wheel would in all probability unlikely fit its very own definition. Similarly give the crème de la crème of wheel builders some rusty steel spokes and although the definition of a wheel will surely be achieved, it’s longevity will surely not.

    Peter is a fine wheel builder. One could even venture that he is indeed a man of steel. And in Brittney, Peter has at his disposal one of the finest of steel spokes. A spoke that will not rust. A spoke that, in wheel building terminology, helps the wheel stay true. A dependable spoke. The pressure put on wheels is great and ultimately if one spoke weakens or cracks the others are put under a far higher pressure than they are supposed to be. If I ever built a wheel, a wheel meant for the toughest of roads, cobblestones, potholes, you name it, Brittney would be a key spoke, one that I could count on to be strong even if others were weakening.

    Sometimes I wonder if Brittney is actually partly made of steel. She is mentally very strong and determined. But then I’ve seen some of the yoga moves she can do and there is no way steel can bend that much. Plus, steel is cold. And Brittney is not. She is a warm person. She wants to be cold sometimes, especially now that the sun seems to be scorching us with a sadistic severity. And anyway, steel has no personality. So I think that’s further evidence that she definitely isn’t steel. For more information on steel I would recommend visiting:

    For more information on Brittney I would recommend you keep reading. So what do I wish to pay homage to concerning her personality? Well she has always been exceptionally good at listening and giving a calculated and balanced opinion or piece of advice on an array of topics. In Amy she found not only a housemate but also a best friend whom she could rely on and vice versa. I remember that when Amy was experiencing relationship complications at the beginning of their Super days it was Brittney who helped her through it. These were early days in their relationship but a sure sign of a good and honest friend.

    Prior to it being acceptable for me to call her names like Honeydew, Tinkerbelle and Sweet-pea, I once spent a whole night (literally) drunkenly (genuinely) talking to her about everything under the sun. We were only friends but she refrained from just telling me I was drunk and to go to sleep. Instead, she
    listened, contributed, and when I eventually passed out, left for breakfast. She is also very kind to her whining cat called Fah (some may be more familiar with its other name; Mittens). The cat used to whine incessantly from the moment you walked into the house and at every moment there after that you weren’t stroking it. I wanted to throw it off the balcony. Or give it to Fido. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, I cared not. But Brittney persevered and instead of growing mad like me, showed him love. He is better now. I rarely want to feed him to Fido.

    I discovered how she shows the same care and affection to her students when I temporarily took over her Super class at the beginning of this semester. Although obviously excited that a tall, dark and strapping young man was to be their new teacher they did ask with genuine sadness in their eyes where Brittney
    was. She gave me a lot of useful advice as to what level the kids were at and what they enjoyed doing so that I felt comfortable walking into their classroom for the first time. Some of those kids were a teacher’s dream but there were also (obviously) some challenging individuals too. Brittney had showed me a video of her singing the infamous “One, two, three, four, five, I love you” song with them. She had managed to get even the shyest kids, to scream it at the top of their surprisingly sizeable lungs. The whole class was into it. She achieved what a good teacher does and that is to get the students speaking English without them even realizing it. I decided I wanted to hear it for myself. However, on the numerous occasions I began singing it I realized by the time I’d reached the “six, seven, eight, nine” part, that I was singing solo. I just couldn’t get them to do it. Something special about Brittney made them feel comfortable and confident enough to sing their hearts out.

    Brittney can be a very independent girl. She has spent time in the past living on her own and actually enjoys having time to herself. Don’t we all? But whenever she is in the company of others she is selfless to a higher degree than most. A large proportion of the Super team have enjoyed her generosity in inviting them to stay at the Hilton hotel (with VIP status baby!!!) on occasions, including her birthday and at Christmas. She wanted everyone who she invited to have the best time possible and so even suggested to a few of them that they were welcome to bring a friend if they wanted! This would obviously use up more of the valuable Hilton points she had at her disposal but to Brittney having a quality time far outweighs the quantity option!

    So Brittney…

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    We all want to say
    A Super thank you!