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  • A Tribute to Johnet By Blake Schlaich 2011

    First, there was Bennifer. Then, there was Brangelina. But never in the history of name smashing has there ever been a power couple like Johnet. Brad Pitt, dreamy… John Phelps, dreamier. Angelina Jolie, humanitarian… Janet Phelps, humanitarian… er. I don’t know how they do it. Somehow John and Janet are the raddest people around… maybe even in the whole town.

    No lie. Right now, as I write this epic saga/ website article, John and Janet have just walked through the front door of my house. Did they knock? Nope. Were they even invited? Not by me. But it’s okay, because in usual Johnet fashion they stroll in with smiles on their faces, a radiant glow following them, and… wait for it… ROOT BEER MF’N FLOATS! What can I say? This is just what John and Janet do. Magical things. Side note: Did I mention that instead of motorbikes, they have matching purple unicorns?

    But seriously, they’re always thinking of other people, without ever expecting anything in return. For the Super English team, John and Janet are both are bosses and our friends. I don’t know how they balance the two so perfectly. Without the two of them, Super English would probably be more like a rusty old push bike than the well-oiled machine that it is. Somehow, through incredible time management and amazing organization, they pull of the strenuous tasks of helping Peter run Super English, managing all 12 Super teachers, teaching a full schedule themselves, and still having time to be the leaders of the pack when it comes to socializing in Surat.

    Be it for work related or for personal reasons, if I ever need anything I know that Johnet will always be there to talk to. Anytime I’m having problems with a class or need help planning a lesson Johnet has the answer. If I need to vent about all the Thai women blowing up my phone, Johnet has an ice cold Leo waiting for me on their porch.

    They do everything 100%. I’ve seen both of them teach and its incredible how much they put into it. The amount of energy and enthusiasm that they bring to every class is second only to the amount of hard work and care they put into their teaching. Watching them work, you can see that they really do want the students to have fun, but also to learn and succeed in language.

    On the flip side, they are two of my best friends here and whenever I’m looking for fun I know they are in. Whether it’s driving out to the waterfall for a jungle adventure (ask John about the leeches) or heading out to the clubs in Surat (don’t ask Janet for dance advice), Johnet will be always down for

    I honestly cannot imagine Surat Thani, or Thailand for that matter, without the Phelps. Oh Janet, your insistence for karaoke has created a soundtrack for so many fuzzy memories of mine. Your homemade tortillas remind me of the summer I spent as a farmhand in Baja California. Oh John, your constant Johnisms don’t get the respect they deserve. And of course those awesome banana and chocolate chip pancakes accompanied by French pressed coffee that saved me so many mornings. Finally… those damn cats (sneeze sneeze itch scratch gasp for air). It’s been an epic first year in Surat and thanks to Johnet; I know the next six months will only be better.