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  • Teachers' Favorite Nighttime Places 2008

    Ma Hey - it's really big club and great for dancing. They have a live band and a DJ so music varies. The drinks are quite pricey. Teachers’ Houses – Great for hanging out in to watch movies, play games or cards. Bigg’s Bar – It’s like a living room with good music, a library and great burgers.” Erica Ambrose

    “Slower, more relaxed bars with live music. If you want to sit and talk, dance, drink a little, drink a lot, the big places with lots of tables have something for everyone.” Ryan Johnson

    “There are a few different places I enjoy visiting at night: the night market, with its variety of foods and Thai merchandise; the new restaurant Casa, run by the incredibly hospitable Neung, who was born in New York and is always up for a good conversation, and there’s free Wi-Fi as well; Big’s Bar, with its ping-pong table, dart-board, good music, open-air atmosphere, and fully-stocked shelves of used books available to check out.” Scott Saier

    “Downtown night market – great salads, fruit shakes, sushi, along with many other things. The river – nice place to get a beer, some som tam salad and some bbq chicken. Big’s Bar – very laid back bar with ping pong and darts. Ma Hey – good club where you can put your dance moves to the test. Donnok Soi 9 night market – great boiled beans and noodles. Soi Farang – street with a bunch of foreigner teachers, reminiscent of college life.” Clair McCalla

    “My favorite places are other teachers’ houses. As far as drinking: wine at Milano’s or Big’s Bar. Ambiance: back yard of Casa’s. Food: curry at Popeye’s, Earth Zone, night markets, Luckey’s and the Vietnamese restaurant across from where we teach.” Caleb and Codie Kostechka

    “Cowboy Bar – live music and dancing. The first time we walked in they were so happy to se foreigners that they played an English song for us. It was a medley of happy birthday and jingle bells. Priceless. Ma hey – formerly a hot spot but not so ‘cool’ anymore. Plenty of room to dance. I can’t stop dancing like a Thai man. Teacher house parties – when you feel like having an English night. P’roons Restaurant – hit it after the bars. Great food, hilarious staff and beer until 4 in the morning.” Victoria Biggs