Preparing for Thailand

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  • You're coming to live and teach in Thailand! 2010

    Congratulations!  You have been hired by Super English and are about to embark on an adventure unlike any other.  Teaching in Thailand is a truly rewarding occupation and lots of though, there are a few things which Thailand cannot provide which teachers often miss during their time here.  These are listed below so that new teachers can get their fill of them before they arrive.

    - Real Mexican food.  You can find Mexican food in Thailand (not Surat) but it just doesn't compare to authentic Mexican cooking.

    - Steak. This is perhaps the most frequently mentioned missed food item.  You can't get good steak anywhere in Surat, or even most of Thailand.  If you do find it, it's very expensive.

    - Cheese.  You can get cheese in Surat, but there is not a lot of variety and it can be expensive.  If you're a cheese fan, best to eat a lot of it before coming over.

    - Cupcakes. Some people love cupcakes with frosting.  They have lots of cake in Thailand, including cupcakes.  However, there is no frosting in Thailand.  They use a cream topping instead.  For a real cupcake experience, it should have frosting.

    - American Chinese food.  Number one on Peter's list.  There is Chinese food in Surat, but it is real Chinese food, not the Americanized (much better) version.  

    - Bathtubs.  Every house in Thailand has a shower.  Very, very few come with bathtubs.  If you're a bath person, take as many as you can before coming over.

    - Classic western foods.  We're talking casseroles, mac and cheese, homemade sandwiches with deli meats, potato dishes, and so on.

    - Special soft drinks.  Thailand has lots of soft drinks.  However, it doesn't have Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper, Cream Soda, Black Cherry Soda, or Cherry 7-Up.

    - Fast Internet.  The internet in Thailand is getting better and better.  It's not as slow as it used to be and it's not cutting out as often as before.  However, it still can't compare with the speeds back West.  Take advantage of the fast internet while at home and download everything you would want for a while.

    - Chips.  There are LOTS of chips in Thailand, but they are missing some vitally important ones.  We're talking Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Buffalo Wings Doritos, basically anything from Doritos.

    - Chicken wings.  Again, there are LOTS of wings in Thailand but they usually only come in a few flavors.  They are delicious but just don't offer the variety that an American wing restaurant, such as BW3, can offer.  Buffalo wings are a good example.

    More will be added later.  There are lots of things here which aren't available back West and if I were living in the States, then it would be a reversed list of all the things I miss in Thailand.  I don't list all those things here, though, as that would take away some of the adventure that you will experience once you get to Surat Thani!