Preparing for Thailand

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  • What should I bring?

    What should I bring?
    1.        Your original university diploma
    2.        A signed letter from your university stating that you are an actual graduate of their school
    3.        Your resume
    4.        Your transcript

    1.        We recommend that people bring money with them.  The more money you bring, the more you will have to get started with for your new life in Thailand and have available for extensive or expensive traveling.  Salary isn’t paid until the first of the month so people often have to wait a while after they arrive to get paid.  Also, the first month of a new teacher’s schedule usually includes a lot of observation time so the first paycheck might be a lower amount than all the rest.  Further, people often  like to go out and buy new things for their house when they first arrive, such as decorations, additional furniture, etc.  For all of these reasons, we strongly recommend bringing enough money to feel comfortable for at least one month.  There isn’t a maximum amount which we recommend.  Less than $300 U.S. would make for a difficult month.  It is easy to open up a bank account in Thailand (our staff will help you) so any money you haven’t spent can be saved for later trips, our long summer break, etc.    
    2.        Light clothes are good to bring.  You won’t need a sweater or jacket here.  For work, summer business casual is the best way to describe what is needed.  For more specific info, see our Dress Code.

    3.        Bring dress shoes.  Classes outside of Super English require that we wear dress shoes.  They are available here but it’s best to bring a pair that you already own.  After getting comfortable, then go shopping for shoes.  
    4.        Bring music.  

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