Preparing for Thailand

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  • Visa Process

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     Upon being offered and accepting a teaching position with Super English, we will send you the documents described above which you will take or send to the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate.  These documents verify that we are a real, registered, licensed school and authorized by the Surat Thani Department of Education to offer a English teaching position to you.  Once the Consulate receives your papers it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several days to receive the Non-Immigrant B visa which we have requested for you.  This is a 90 day work visa, meaning that you are allowed to enter Thailand to work with Super English for 90 days.  The cost of the visa is about US$50.  The applicant is responsible for this cost.

      Once you arrive in Surat Thani, we go to the Surat Thani Labor Department to apply you for a three month labor permit.  This allows you government protection and taxation for three months while you are working in Thailand.  Super English sponsors and pays the cost of this permit.  The permit is only valid for work with Super English.  That means any work not involving Super English  is illegal.

      Immediately after receiving the three month labor permit we go to the Surat Thani Department of Immigration.  There we apply for a one year extension on your 90 day Non-Immigrant B visa.  Once granted, you may stay in Thailand for one year from the date you arrived.  For example, if you arrived on April 16, 2006, then you may stay until April 16, 2007.  This one year extension visa is dependent on the three month labor permit, which is part of Super English.  The one year extension is therefore also dependent on Super English.  Should you be let go or choose to resign from Super English, then your one year visa is no longer valid and you have 24 hours from the time of your visa being cancelled to leave the country.  Super English pays the cost of this one year extension visa.

      Immediately after receiving the one year extension visa, we go back to the Surat Thani Labor Department and apply for a one year work permit.  Once this has been processed, you are allowed to work with Super English for one year.  Not until you receive this permit do you start paying taxes, which are 200 Baht per month (less than US$6).  Super English pays the cost of this one year work permit.       

      Additional costs include a trip to Thaksin Hospital for a Health Check.  This costs around 100 Baht which the teacher is responsible for.  You must also get wallet size photos taken (they must be of a certain size, of a certain quantity, and you must dress a certain way in them so you’ll need to get them here) and these cost around 500 Baht (US$14) for which the teacher is responsible.     

      Again, all official government documentation is dependent upon employment with Super English.  If that ends, then Super English is bound by Thai law to cancel all visas, work permits and licenses.