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Mitch Burbick One Year Testimonial

This last year I’ve spent teaching in Thailand with Super English has been nothing short of  incredible. Thailand is a country full of tons of great things like elephants walking down your  streets, three dollar massages, and lady boys in all shapes and sizes.  The food is as spicy as it is  diverse and even though  I’ve craved “normal” food at times (BEER, cheeseburgers, pizza, Mexican  food) it can always be found or made if you put enough effort into it. There are ten thousand  different beaches to see and it always seems like the one you’ve just found is better than any of the  others you thought the same thing about just a week ago. But the real reason that I’ve been able to  enjoy myself as I have, the reason that this past year wasn’t a complete disaster that moving to  another country can prove to be for people, is because of the support, training, and dedication to its  employees that I found in Super English.

You won’t find a better boss than Peter Meltzer. Seriously. He’s the man. He never ceases to one  up himself in his generosity and attention to his employees. He sponsors parties almost every  month entirely at his expense (he buys the booze!) and is always looking for new ways to get the  Super English teachers involved with each other and in projects for the school. He offers up a host  of ways to make extra money if you’re ever feeling the pinch and this is something that in all my  traveling and talking with friends that I’ve only seen Super English do. Peter is dedicated to the  growth and happiness of his teachers and makes it a point to always be available for advice,  guidance, or just a chat if something’s not going smoothly. 10 minutes before class and you’ve run  out of ideas on how to teach time to a class of 16 students? Easy, make a human clock with the  kids as the numbers and hands. Perfect. Thanks Peter. I think the highest praise I can give to  Super English is that it’s a school for teachers. Super also gives the most vacation out of any of the  schools in town. Super great. Super important

You’re given all the freedom in the world to cram your lessons full of games and dancing and  singing if that’s your thing. Fun is the golden rule and the kids have it. Whether you’re teaching  elementary or high school or the smaller classes in the evening at Super the only limitations on the  lessons are the ones that you put on them. This was difficult for me at first because normally I’m  not terrifically outgoing, but there’s something soul cleansing about reaching a point of just not  worrying about it anymore and dancing and singing silly songs with kids all day. It’s nice. It’s  really nice. As a teacher at Super English you’re encouraged and able to really cultivate  relationships with the kids that you teach every day. I’ve had the same kids in all my classes for the  entire school year and already I know it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. Super English has  always worked with me to make sure that I’m where I want to be with both the groups of kids I’m  teaching and in my advancement as an English teacher.

The teachers here are awesome. Hands down the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. Ever.  There’s not a single person on the staff team I dislike. Really, there isn’t, and that says a lot. More  than anything, it feels like a community where everyone’s out to help each other out. There’s  always something going on and you’ll never need to travel alone (unless you want to). The  teaching English abroad gig can attract a certain type of bum but everyone teaching with Super  English during the time I’ve been here has taken their work as seriously as their play and that’s  been really refreshing to me. There’s a lot of pride that can be found in this job, and to live and  work in a community of people who take that seriously has been surprisingly gratifying. It’s  something I have been really thankful for this past year.

And let’s not forget about the city. Surat Thani! You beautiful beast. Full transparency here, I  really didn’t like it at first. I think it goes that way for a lot of people. Surat’s a pretty typical Thai  city filled with lots of pretty typical Thai things. There aren’t a ton of Western comforts here, it  can take a little time to get used to at first. Not many tourists venture further than the night boats  out to the islands and if you see a white person you don’t know during your normal day it’s a  surprise. The longer I’ve spent here though the more I’ve come to enjoy living and working here.  Things are cheap. Big bonus. There’s a new restaurant to eat at every night and after living here  for a year there’s still a lot to the city I don’t know about. The location in the south of Thailand  cannot be beat. Living here puts you in such close proximity to so many beautiful places that are  great to visit but a pain to live in because of how expensive they are. Weekend trips to the islands  are made really easy by living here.

Super English, Surat Thani, Peter, the community of teachers here, and the ability to travel have  all made this last year into something that I will take with me as an integral and amazing time in  my life.

Mitch Burbick Super English Testimonial

Mitch Burbick Super English Testimonial