Sarah Richardson Testimonial

Sarah's Testimonial

My time in Surat Thani, teaching English to students who had little knowledge of  the subject has been very rewarding. I have gotten to teach students who don’t  even come up to my knee (or didn’t even know how to say knee) the fun and  amazing language that is English. Super English is not only a fantastic place to  work, but the people who come from all over the world to take a chance on  teaching English in a place that may be out of their comfort zone are an amazing  bunch of people. I would recommend ANYONE who wants to get out of the rut and  hustle and bustle of every day life to jump out of your generic office chairs and  come to Surat Thani and teach with Super English!

My experience here has been really cool and unique.  It has given me the  opportunity to work in a place that not only changed my outlook on things, but also  made me a better person (and an awesome public speaker).