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  • 2015

    December, 2015:

    "During the two years I’ve taught with Super English at Thidamaepra School in Surat Thani, I’ve been proud to be a part of a consistently growing and expanding product.  Our Mini English Program (MEP) has gone from eight classes to ten within one year!  That speaks to the commitment of our teachers, the resources available at Thida, and the support given to one another to achieve results and set the bar higher.  I’ve been proud to be part of such an evolving company and am very excited we will return over 75% of our teachers for next year’s school year!  I think that stat speaks volumes to the work environment and atmosphere at Super English and at Thida!  I couldn’t imagine teaching elsewhere." – Keith Mangan, Head Teacher, entering third year of teaching with SE

     “Up until this point, I have loved everything about living in Surat Thani and working with Super English. I am now in my second year here and I would seriously struggle to think of a negative thing to say about my experience here so far. Super English continues to offer complete support and the confidence I have in them helps me to feel secure and settled in Surat. In terms of organizing visas, offering teacher support and ensuring everything runs smoothly, Super English are top draw.  Surat is a great place to live. If you like great food, friendly people and lots of fantastic places to visit then this is the place for you. It’s very easy to get around town and there’s certainly no shortage of restaurants, markets, bars, snooker halls, football fields etc etc! Essentially, it caters for all interests. Surrounding attractions are plentiful and easy to get to. There are stunning national parks and islands in touching distance and this makes for fantastic weekends away. It’s very hard to get bored here! Come on, give it a go.” – William Marlow, entering third year of teaching with SE

     “I am now into my second year working with Super English. My experience working at Thida and with Super English continues to go above and beyond expectation. For example, when my work visa was almost expired, Super English took care of the renewal process and it was hassle free. There is zero stress when it comes to our work environment plus there's a sense of security with your job that Super English offers. Teaching in Thailand has been a life changing and incredible experience and it would not have been this way without Super English.”  – Jenna Devine, entering third year of teaching with SE

     "My time here at Super English has been immensely rewarding, challenging, and lots of fun. My students at Thidamaepra School have pushed me to be a better teacher. Their boundless energy and sense of humour has made it all worthwhile. I'm so glad I chose Super English for my time in Thailand." – Alison Tidd, Senior Teacher, entering second year of teaching with SE

     "Super English is my second time teaching in Thailand so I’ve had the benefit of being able to compare it to similar positions in the country.  The first thing about Super English that I noticed was how upfront everything seemed to be.  Past teachers were easily accessed with any questions I had and information on the city of Surat Thani was readily available.  Teaching with Super has been much simpler than my past experience as well.  The Thai staff I work with are great partners to have and make life at my school that much easier.  Surat Thani itself is full of a great expat atmosphere and I have found no shortage of items to keep me busy, whether it’s been playing football, a night on the town, or checking out one of the many nearby beaches.  Working at Super English and in Surat Thani have been nothing be a great experience so far, so much so that I have already committed to another full school year.  I’m looking forward to whatever else my time here may bring."– Alex Rhodes, signed on for another full year with SE

     “After only two quick months, I definitely feel like Surat Thani is home and have already decided to stay another year as a teacher with Super English. The teachers at Super have become fast friends and have made my first few months in Thailand much easier. Surat Thani living is truly easy; with the perfect combination of Thai culture, jungle life, and convenience. Teaching is tough; harder than any job that I had in the states. With that being said, I can already say that it is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I love coming to school every day and I truly love my kids. With the difficulty comes lots of laughter and fun, with my students and the other teachers. I know that this is exactly where I belong!” – Ashton Riester, signed on for another full year with SE

     "I have been teaching in Thailand for seven months so far and recently signed on for another year. Before coming here I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it was a decision I'm very happy I made. The kids are great, always so happy and excited to see you. The Super English staff is extremely helpful taking care of visa and paperwork. They are there for you if you need anything really. I've grown as a person and a professional during my time here. I'm not sure when I'll be leaving but I foresee my feet dragging when that day comes." – Brady Linick, entering second year of teaching with SE

      “I backpacked for six months before moving to Thailand. After months on the road I was ready to live in one place and have a routine again. I wanted a more of consistent life style, but had no desire to move back to America. Moving the Thailand to teach has been the best decision! Super English provided me with a great work environment, good friends and the flexibility to keep traveling!” – Torie Foley

     “I have been living in Suratthani, Thailand for just over 2 years now. I work with the K2 level at STIS and they are absolutely wonderful. The smaller class sizes of STIS really offer a more personalized style of learning, ensuring each child gets the absolute most out of their education. We genuinely care for our kids at STIS and aim to give them the best learning experience possible.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent here! The community of Thais and expats alike are a wonderful people. Everyone I have encountered has been super helpful with anything I have needed. This aside, the food is incredible, the culture is intriguing, and the location of Suratthani itself is ideal for popping over to some beautiful beaches and islands. There is a ton to see and do around Thailand, but if you're looking for more, it's also not too difficult to bounce to some other countries and enjoy some other cultures. I've dreamed about traveling across the world since I was a child, and I'm perfectly glad I chose Thailand as my first destination. " – Christel Chappell, two years with SE and STIS

     “I first came to Thailand in 2013 as a tourist, and quickly decided I wanted to stay, find a job and see what the country had to offer a wanderer like me!  I was immediately struck by the friendliness of the people, the amazing food and views, and the peaceful simplicity of life here.  I started out in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, and am now exploring the south from Surat Thani! I have lived in Surat for about four months and have enjoyed numerous trips to the beach and surrounding areas, including the beautiful Khao Sok National Park! We are situated in a very convenient location to reach popular, and more undiscovered, islands and coastal destinations cheaply and quickly on any weekend or holiday! Working for Peter at Surat Thani International School has made the visa process a breeze and I felt very welcome when I first arrived. He gave me a tour of town, helped me buy some things to settle in, and is always available for questions. Life in Thailand is great, and working for Super English is a great way to experience the culture in an authentic way, living as an expat in Surat and spending time with students eager to learn English each day!” – Cati Vanden Breul

     “Thailand has changed my life in so many ways. I've learned so much about myself as a teacher and a person. I never thought I would fall in love with this country when I first accepted the job offer, but I haven't wanted to leave since I arrived. STIS has played a big role in my experience.  The school is very comfortable and my students and coworkers feel like part of my family. Everyone here is friendly and willing to help out in any situation. Thanks STIS for everything!!” – Candace Lee, two years with STIS

     “Family has always been important to me. Deciding to come to Thailand was a hard decision knowing how far I would be from my family. Over the past year and a half STIS has become my family. There is never a day where I feel like I have to hide emotions or issues because these people are my coworkers. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand. Over the past two years, my STIS family has been instrumental in my amazing experiences in Thailand!” – Lauren Rosborough, head teacher, two years with STIS

      “I left my mundane and unstimulating job back in the UK to come out to Thailand. Definitely a wise and inspiring choice because all aspects of the teaching experience in Thailand are never dull. Although at first I was a little apprehensive about the move half way round the world, I quickly adapted to the Thai way of life. Surat Thani is an incredible city! Socially, geographically and culturally there is always fun to be had. Surat attracts teachers from all over the globe and from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Having the opportunity to meet new people and become a part of a new community is both captivating and enthralling. The teaching at STIS is far more rewarding than I could have ever anticipated.  Watching my students learn and develop gives me such a sense of fulfillment and achievement.  My overall teaching experience to date is definitely one I would want to share and promote.  I already have and would encourage more of my friends to come out here and give it a go.” – Marcus Wykes

     “Teaching at STIS is a rewarding and challenging experience. The K1 students are some of the most energetic children at the school and always keep me on my toes. They are excited to participate in every activity from finding shapes to playing hopscotch and every day their English improves. It's a joy to watch them grow. The city of Surat Thani is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty that's easy to access. The night boats to the islands sail daily from Bandon pier in town and mini buses go to Khao Sok national park and Phuket several times a day. It's a great location to explore southern Thailand from. Along with a great school and great location we also have a fantastic Thai staff. They have helped me in the classroom and outside. My Thai teachers always make sure I know about the Thai holidays and include me in the celebrations. They really make me feel like part of the community.” – Aleya Staggs

     "Surat Thai is a decently sized city, there’s tons to do, lots of great restaurants, and you're only a short motorbike ride away from the countryside.  If you're looking to experience the laid back life of Thailand Surat is the place for you.  My 3rd grade kids at Thidamaepra School are rambunctious, energetic, and fun in all the best ways.  It's been a joy to teach with them with Super English this year." – Joel Garceau

     “It has been such a pleasure working at Noonoy school. I remember Peter telling me it was a magical place to be and teach. I can attest it surely is! Every day you are greeted with warm smiles and hellos. The owner, Kru Ying and the teachers of Noonoy work very hard to provide an atmosphere that is inviting, promotes learning and curiosity in the students. Thank you Noonoy and Super English for a wonderful year!” – Caitlin McCloskey 

     "Teaching in Thailand with Super English is a very easy lifestyle. Living in Surat Thani allows you to travel to the beautiful islands any weekend you wish, but also guarantees an authentic Thai town. Teaching over a 100 students a day may sound daunting, however it is very rewarding and fun. It is a very good feeling to go to sleep at night knowing that you are making a positive impact on future generations" – Calum Jeffrey

     "After graduating from college, I decided to move to Thailand but had no idea what part I wanted to live in. When I stumbled across an ad for Super English, a quick Google search was all it took to have me sold on Surat Thani. It is the perfect mix of town and jungle with easy access to islands and beaches. After only 3 months in this perfect, non-touristy paradise, it feels like home. I am really happy I decided to work with Super English because I get to live here and teach the happiest kids on Earth! Before moving here, I was a little nervous about teaching up to 55 students at a time, but it really isn't as scary as it sounds and I am so glad I'm here!  I’ve signed up for another year!" – Allie Groll

     Teaching with Super English: "You will be sweaty.  You will take many showers.  You will get sick.  You will recover.  You will ride motorcycles.  You will crash.  You will recover.  You will traverse.  You will get lost.  You will discover.  You will learn.  You will get punched - constantly...in sensitive regions - by slack-jawed, joyfully innocent children who love you unconditionally and express this unbridled affection by attacking you with every ounce of tiny power they possess.  You will laugh.  You will cry....when you eat searingly spicy tom yum soup.  You will stress.  You will relax.  You will struggle.  You will find confidence.  You will love it.” – Josh Berry, entering second year of teaching with SE

     “Working with Super English at Thidamaepra School has been a great experience. Teaching with Super English gives me a lot of freedom. I feel like I have the freedom to try new things in the classroom and work with very little oversight. Not to mention the freedom to travel to amazing places that people dream of going to. Everything seems possible working here, and it makes me happy to be living in Thailand and working with Super English. “– Kris Reilly, entering second year of teaching with SE