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  • 2012


    “I have loved living and teaching in the team atmosphere that Super English here in Surat Thani fosters.  Thidamaepra is a fun place to teach at and has that positive work place environment - where everyone just seems to get along, that makes going to work a really fun thing to do.  I always know that something good will happen at work today!!!!  It is also good having a boss who keeps his word.  I have always been paid on time and any little issues I may have had, have always been sorted in a fair, positive way.  This is important to me!!!  Come to Super English, Surat Thani, you'll love it.  I have!!!”   - Leonard (Lenny) Champness.

    “Super English has provided me with such a unique opportunity to live amongst people in a culture so different from my own.  Teaching in the Thai schools and at SE has done a great deal to improve my communication and teaching skills.  It’s easy to say that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”   - Evan Dupree

    “Coming to work for Super English in Surat Thani is one of the best choices I've made in a long, long time.  I love the town.  Surat Thani is "real" Thailand and you get to really experience Thai culture.  The food here is amazing.  Also, the town is considered the southern hub of Thailand, making all of the islands (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, etc) easily accessible in just a couple hours ferry ride.  As for work, teaching is great.  I've taught primary school at both New and Old Thida, as well as high school at Suratpittaya and I have honestly had a great experience working everywhere.  Peter always puts the Super English team at the top of his priority list and has been nothing but helpful.  The management team and the rest of the teaching crew are all fantastic.  I originally came to Super in October 2010 for a one-year contact.  I liked working and living here so much that I decided to stay on for an additional semester.  My contract is supposed to be up again in March, but I've decided to sign on yet again.  If that doesn't say something about Super English, I don't know what does.”   - Blake Schlaich

    “I went from a 9-5 office gig to teaching in Paradise.  Super English has provided me with amazing co-workers/friends/roommates/housing and the flexibility to enjoy Southeast Asia.  What can I say?  I love my job!”   - Becky Kavoussi

    “Teaching with Super English has given me everything I want in a job: creativity, autonomy, and meaningful work.  I’ve felt supported the entire time I’ve been in Surat and I couldn’t ask for better friends and co-workers.  I’m happy to say that I like it so much here that I’m staying an extra 6 months more than I planned.”   - Brittany DeNovellis

    “Super English has been a great home and easy transition where there frequently is not one, due to the drastic nature of picking up and moving your life across the world.  Surat is just the right size to feel big and accessible, yet it feels intimate and is easy to navigate on your own terms.  AND, everyone who works for Super English is amazing in their own way and right.  We are all so different, yet we hang out as more than just co-workers.  Through Super, I am making friends and memories for life, and I feel like had I chosen a different school, whether it be here in Surat or in South Korea (or wherever you may be looking), I would not be getting the depth of experience I am getting now through work and life culturally and socially.”   - Shelby Stroud

    “After a few months of experiencing the trials and tribulations of the Phuket job market, I was welcomed into the Super English family with open arms.  Looking back it's been one of the best decisions I have made since becoming a teacher.  The lifestyle, teaching experience, and especially the work environment are as good as you will find in Thailand.  Surat Thani isn't a backpackers paradise by any means, but its shortage of western comforts provides a unique, rewarding, and authentic Thai experience that I'm appreciating more and more.  So if you're looking to experience real Thailand, meet some great people, and truly hone your teaching skills look no further than Super English.”   - Daniel Trevor

    “My experience at Super English has been super.  Super English has contracts at the best schools in Surat Thani, wonderful management, and an enviable lack of administrative work.  But, it is the intangibles that have defined my experience.  I met and worked with an amazing group of people that will remain friends for life.  And I gained the confidence to feel comfortable teaching ESL classes anywhere in the world.  My planned “year abroad” has turned into “life abroad” and Super English helped me get there.”     - Michael Bartolomei

    “Super English grows both students and teachers. It offers a unique environment of support that sets it apart from other language schools, putting teacher development at the top of its priorities. Students are engaged in a variety of creative ways, and they move solidly toward fluency while having fun!  Super English also encourages creativity and fun more than any other organization I’ve known.  The kids and support you receive make you become a patient mentor and rock star at the same time!  The school gives you the unique opportunity to be challenged and equipped in a supportive group of creative teachers. It is the best place I have worked in my professional life.  If you are looking for a place to become a great teacher and have the time to enjoy Thailand, apply with Super English.”   - John Phelps

    “Super English provides unparalleled support to its teachers personally and professionally. Working here for two years has given me the opportunity to grow in ways I hadn't imagined, as a teacher, team member and leader.  Surat Thani is a great town close to some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world.  But there's no reason to suffer when you're not on the beach.  Super English is an amazing group of teachers with a really supportive staff who let us be as creative and independent as we want in our classes.  Super English really values and supports its teachers.  This is a great place for first-time teachers who want to have a serious teaching job and still have time off to explore Southeast Asia.”   - Janet Phelps

    “6 months ago I decided to quit my job and life in England and travel the world. I bought a one way ticket to Thailand and have yet to leave. I have a great job in a great place, why would I?  It all started when I bumped into a couple of Americans on a bus journey. They said they worked as teachers with Super English in Surat Thani. I went to visit them on the way to Bangkok; three days later I had a job teaching, a great place to live and a whole bunch of new friends who instantly adopted me.  Surat Thani is what I call 'Real Thailand'. Instead of going from one tourist trap to another you get to see what it's really like: feel the culture, learn Thai, learn Thai boxing, yoga - anything you want. You have all the free time to soak up whatever experiences you want from Thailand. You also have the added benefit of being right near all the best tourist destinations for the weekends - Krabi, for rock climbing, koh panghan, for full moon parties and general paradise, Koh Tao, for scuba diving and Koh Samui. You get the best of everything!  Not only does the teaching give you the advantage over other travelers by giving you the money to do these things and increased knowledge of Thailand it is also such an enjoyable and rewarding job. The skills you learn will stay with you for life.  There is nothing better in terms of life experiences than living and working in a completely different place. No regrets!”   - Leanne Gardner

    "This is the best job I have ever had! I was terrified when I first got the job as I had no teaching experience.  Super English is such a great company.  From the very first day everyone that works here has been nothing but nice and helpful.  I feel that I have grown so much as a teacher in the time I have been here.  I love my job, I love my kids, and I love all the teachers I work with at Super. I feel incredibly lucky. It is the best company I have ever worked for.  If you have a problem Super is always there to help you through it.  I definitely recommend the job!"     - Amy McIntyre

    “Moving to Thailand is the best life decision I have ever made.  I know for certain, however, that I may not feel that way if I had not chosen to work for Super English.  It is an organized, productive business, and at the same time it has provided me with an endlessly rewarding and fun job.  I taught in the United States before this, and I hated my job.  I got scared and thought maybe I hated teaching.  Working for Super English has revived my faith in the joy of teaching.  It has rejuvenated my spirit and my career.”      - Jessica Gallant

    “If it’s an authentic Thai experience you are after, look no further.  Surat Thani has an abundance of quirky little bars, restaurants and markets. For a relatively small town, Surat will leave a big impression on you for the rest of your life! You could spend a year eating at a different restaurants or rice kitchens and never get through all of Surat's offerings. Please, sir, I want some more!  The locals are friendly and very welcoming and the students are adorable.  Super English encouraged me to immerse myself in the whole Thai experience and I duly obliged.  No regrets!”     - Chris Ansell

    "Choosing an ESL job is difficult. Because the internet is flooded with so many job ads from thousands of schools, it is difficult to make an informed decision based on words alone. During my two years at Super English, every promise that was made to me was kept, I have always been paid the correct amount on time (including bonuses) and I have been given the opportunity to choose my own classes and the autonomy to conduct my lessons in the way that I feel has most benefited my students. I have enjoyed my time in Surat immensely, and I can recommend working at Super English to anyone who wants to experience Thailand and work in a safe, productive and professional environment."     - Tristan Rentos

    “Surat Thani is a great city for people who want the real Thai experience.  When you are here, you won’t feel like you are surrounded by tourists.  Super English is a great school to work for.  I feel supported by the staff and other teachers, and on top of it all I love teaching the adorable Thai children.”     - Anneliese Charek

    "Super English has done an amazing job of placing me where I excel in teaching and in the classroom.   SE has really made an effort to make sure I am happy and comfortable here in Surat Thani."     - Brittney Johnson

    "Teaching Thai kids has been an exciting and rewarding experience. They are enthusiastic and eager to learn and they are quite possibly the cutest kids on the planet."   - Amber McCarthy

    “The weirdest thing about living in an authentic Thai town is the moment that you stop noticing how different everything is and start seeing this place, which is so foreign to you, as your home.”   - Joey McCarthy

    “I have been with the school for over three years.  I have made true friends with teachers working with other language schools but many times I have heard, “The Super English team seems so close.  You guys have fun together.”  I can honestly say that Super English is the best school, especially for a first time teacher who is looking for a strong support system and a lot of holidays!  The friendships are genuine because Super English fosters a caring, positive, fun and supportive environment.  The teachers come first.  Super English management understands that a teacher must be enjoying themselves in order to be an effective teacher.  Very few schools give you support from the moment you get off the plane. Most schools try to make you feel like it is an honor for you to work for them.  Super English makes sure that you always know how much Super English appreciates YOU!!     - Victoria  Biggs

    “This past year Super English has been an ideal place to work. Peter, the owner, is always helpful and encouraging and all the teachers are as great as can be. My classes are always full of energy, a lot of fun, and are as rewarding as they can be challenging. The relationships I've built this last year with both my students and the other teachers are amazing. I wouldn't trade this past year for anything.”     - Mitch Burbick