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    Here are some comments from our past teachers about how their experiences with Super English have helped them in other endeavors:

    Victoria Biggs: “After finishing work for Super (Finishing with a BANG!! I might add. Peter threw an incredibly memorable and touching party) I moved on to taking a few months off on the island of Samui and then taking up work as a TEFL course Support Manager and Instructor. My work with Super enabled me to branch out into other aspects of teaching, such as teaching teachers. My experience with training Super teachers was invaluable for this position, which I stayed with for almost a year.

    I then made a move for money, and took a position at an International School. Again, my experience with Super was proving invaluable as it allowed me to find work in an International School although I do not have a Teaching Degree.

    The most important thing is that Super is not a one trick pony. I had the chance to teach a wide variety of age groups and also to train teachers for those positions. It left me feeling ready for anything a new job could through me. I had experience with it all!! 

    The variety is also something I miss, as well as the support and understanding of the management. Having Western management is an incredible blessing, if you seek out a less stressful existence. Especially if this is going to be your first job overseas or in Thailand; if you want to grow at your own pace and learn the ropes in a supportive and inspirational atmosphere then Super English is the best place to do it!”


    Tristan Rentos: “After working for two years at Super English, I decided that it was time to move on to a new experience so I accepted a job in Hanoi, Vietnam. Not once in this new job have I doubted myself or my abilities as a teacher, and I put this down to the training I received from Peter and Victoria at Super English. Peter once told me that if you can teach at Super English, you can teach anywhere in the world. He was right!”


    Amy McIntyre: “I really want to say if you are considering working for Super English, but worried you may not be good at teaching or worried you may not like teaching or even worried about the pay – don't be, just do it.  I was all those before I went to Thailand, it was the best thing I ever did!  Super English allows you to be as creative as you want to be in the classroom and they will support you even if those creative ideas don't always work out.  They will not make you feel like you are a terrible teacher, they will encourage you!  Super English helped me gain the confidence I needed to become a teacher.  Not only confidence in the classroom, but also the skill to be surrounded by foreign people that do not speak English and still be able to communicate. 

    I now teach in Japan.  When I first arrived here I was picked up from the bus station and taken to my apartment and that was pretty much it!  I had to figure everything out for myself.  There were no teachers throwing welcoming parties. It took me about 4 months to get settled.  After 2 days I was settled with SE!  I made so many new friends after 1 day.  I make a lot more money in Japan but I work 6 days a week and really long hours!  I don't get much time off work and rarely travel!  My social life is non-existent. 

    If you want to go teach abroad please don't let lack of experience stop you, nor the common worries you may hate it.  You won't!  There will be tough days like any job but you will have so much fun, you will get to travel around Thailand and experience a new culture.  The pros will make up for your bad days!  You will meet such great people and have the best time!  Don't even worry about money, you will be able to eat, party hard, travel most weekends.  I even saved money and went to London for a month then came to Japan and lived for a month. Do it because you won't find a better company!!  I miss you SE!!!”


    Anneliese Charek: “Researching teaching jobs while abroad is not always easy.  You are taking a big risk when you move to another country (sometimes one you have never been to) for a new job that you really don’t know too much about.  I felt confident that Super English was a good place to work from the start.  I say this because I was able to connect with everyone there long before I started the job.  There is a lot of great information on the website.  For every question I had, there was an article posted that gave me answers.  Peter was also really great in staying in contact.  He always answered my questions, and helped me prepare for my move to Thailand.  He also got me in touch with the other teachers already working there.  Already kind of knowing them made me feel more at home once I got there.

    When I arrived I was welcomed with open arms.  The whole year I spent in Suratthani I felt safe, and protected by this community of teachers/managers/housemates/friends.  Everyone is really there for you, and everyone really helps everyone out.  It was such a pleasant year being surrounded by really good-natured, down to earth people. 

    I left Suratthani and SE feeling like I got everything out of the experience that I wanted to.  I definitely grew as a teacher, I gained experience, I learned about a new culture, I traveled, I meditated, and I spent time with very nice people.  I strongly recommend SE as a great school to work for.”


    Mitch Burbick: “Super English was my first teaching gig. I learned a ton really quickly and it definitely helped set me up for this job I've gone onto. There was a really great feeling of community with all the teachers, and I learned a lot from the ones with experience to share. During the time I was there, people looked out for each other, both in school and out. It was really easy to feel 'at-home' in the office and in just in general. The support from management was always great and they definitely always worked with me when something came up. Peter was super approachable and always really helpful. I appreciated that about Super English a lot.”


    Chris Ansell: “Super English provided the perfect platform for me to go and teach confidently and creatively anywhere in the world. Some schools have an abundance of information and ideas in books but Super English has all of this in the people who work there. It is less library and more family. I have just worked some summer camps in Italy and thanks to my time at Super I wasn't the tutor asking for advice and ideas, I was the one sharing them!” 


    Brittney Johnson: “My experience at Super English completely changed my perspective about teaching English abroad.  I taught English in South Korea prior to coming to Thailand.  I'd like to say that having a year of teaching under my belt helped and prepared me to teach in Thailand....but it didn't.  I basically taught from a book in Korea.  I followed a curriculum step by step.  Teaching at Super English was completely the opposite of that.  SE allows you to be creative and to find the inner teacher within you.  You can develop your own teaching style and methods.  SE encourages you to go well outside the box, try new things, and most of all to make teaching fun!  SE says to have fun first and learn second.  SE has prepared me to be an independent teacher and worker for future jobs.”  


    Craig Blackburn: “Looking back on my time at Super English with the benefit of several years' worth of hindsight, I can honestly say it was the beginning of a transformative period for me professionally as well as personally. It now seems very clear to me that the skills I learned in at Super English - being a good team member, being a good team leader, and communicating across cultures - have been key to my success in graduate school and my new career in international relations. The ability to work with small and large groups is absolutely crucial to what I do now, whether it's working on economics homework with a problem set group or figuring out how to split up a large research project among several co-workers. Being able to communicate effectively and respectfully across cultures is of paramount importance because a large percentage of the student population at my school is not from the US. I also frequently travel abroad, and hope to continue working outside the United States. I think back on my time in the Super English office as a kind of test kitchen for this. The SE staff graciously shared their time with me and taught me about Thai culture. Not only that, but through them I learned to see the world through a different set of eyes. Finally, being given the opportunity to work as Head Teacher was instrumental in the development of my leadership skills. I am now comfortable leading, delegating, and organizing, and am currently president of my university's Thai club. I didn't realize it at the time, but what I was doing at Super English was developing a skill set, one that would be integral to my success at school, at work, and elsewhere in life. Finally, in addition to the skills I developed at Super English, I also now have a wealth of stories and anecdotes through which to illustrate the accomplishments I list on my resume during job interviews.”