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  • 2016

    "From the moment I was hired, Super English has been nothing short of supportive, trusting, and one of the best decisions I have made. Peter was readily available and timely when answering any questions I had about the visa process and my position as a P3 teacher at Thida.  He also gave myself and the rest of the Super teachers full control of our classes, trusting us to run them efficiently and smoothly. This speaks volumes about the attitude of Super English as many of us had little to no prior teaching experience before joining the team.  As for the Super team, Peter has assembled a dedicated and supportive group of people who are passionate about being the best educators they can be.  I'd like to be able to say this is the best job I've ever had, but calling my position within Super English a job would do it a disservice. So, instead, I'll end with something that is as clichéd as it is true. When I left one family in the States, I joined a Super family in Thailand.  The decision to sign on with Super English for a second year was a no brainer." – Thomas Pernecker, 1st year SE Teacher, signed on for a 2nd year

    “I am into my third year now as a Super English teacher and that is proof of how much I am enjoying my time here.  I continue to feel valued as a teacher and continue to receive all of the support I could wish for as an employee for Super. I can’t think of a negative thing to say as the company has helped me in every way possible and are always available to lend a hand if a problem should arise. I love living in Surat Thani and thank Super English for enabling me to enjoy my time here to the maximum.  I look forward to continuing my experience in Thailand with Super English. There’s no one better!” – William Marlow, 3rd year SE Teacher, signed on for a 4th year

    "This is my third year working with Super English, which should say a lot about my experience.  Peter and all the Super English staff have consistently gone out of their way to keep the focus on teaching, both for my enjoyment as well as the kids.  I’ve seen my little ones grow from third grade to fifth grade and their improvement is very satisfying to see.  All of this wouldn’t be possible without Super English.  I know each day the staff has my back 100% and supports me however I choose to run my classroom.  As an evolving and growing company, we’re getting better and better each year—more resources, more training, more opportunities.  Working at Super has allowed me to develop my skills not only in the classroom, but also allowed me grow into my current role as Assistant Director.  Peter and the rest of the team are fully supportive and go out of their way to make sure we have the tools we need to succeed.  I hope you choose to work with Super English—an experience you won’t forget!” – Keith Mangan, 3rd year SE Teacher, signed on for a 4th year

    “I am now halfway through my third year working for Super English at Thidamaepra school. I had originally planned to only stay for 1 year and here I am almost 3 years later. Thida is the most incredible place to work; it is always such a positive work environment and the students and Thai teachers are always such a pleasure to be around. Surat Thani is also the perfect place to live; you’re within travel distance to many islands and national parks plus the locals here welcome you with open arms and are always willing to lend you a hand. Moving to Thailand has been a life changing experience and I absolutely know it would not have been the same without the support Super English has provided me. I have found my passion in teaching and have grown as an individual and as a teacher. Super English has helped me do so and for that I am forever grateful.” – Jenna Devine, 3rd year SE Teacher

    “Staying on for another year with Super English is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve been able to develop my teaching style freely. My Thai co-workers are always there to encourage and support me with my fresh ideas and activities. The support I have received from Super English has also been second to none. Living in the jungle, just a few minutes motorbike ride from the city has helped make this year and a half unforgettable, not to mention all the free time we’ve had to explore so much of South East Asia. Moving to Surat to teach with Super English - best decision ever!” – Alison Tidd, 2nd year SE Teacher

    “Moving to Thailand to work for Super English was the best decision of my life! My last year here has been a huge learning experience, filled with lots of fun and exploration. With the Thai school year schedule and our comfortable pay, I have been able to see some of the most beautiful places on earth during my holidays! The Monday work day dread is nonexistent here; I really love coming to school every day and work with some of my best friends. Between my amazing students, teacher friends, and jungle bungalow, life is good here!” – Ashton Riester, 2nd year SE Teacher

    "Working at Super English has been fantastic.  It has come with a great support network and the staff have been incredibly helpful. This has been instrumental in helping me master the various challenges that are often present in teaching positions and has enabled me to grow and develop as a teacher.  I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of my students. They, along with the wonderful staff, have shaped a fun and enjoyable experience I won't forget!" – Johnny Goss, 1st year SE Teacher

    "Moving to Thailand was a big decision and I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. With the help of Super English, the decision turned out to be one of the best choices I've made. I can travel at least once a month to incredible places. I get to drive a motorcycle every day. I work with kids who are excited to see me every day. I've found a good balance of work and social life here in Surat Thani." – Braden Linick, 2nd year SE Teacher

    "A year ago, I was sitting in an office telling all of my coworkers that I was going to move to Thailand to teach English. They all laughed and shrugged it off. My mind was already made up though. I remember pouring over travel blogs and stories dreaming about my future life. I came across the Super English website and that's when I decided that sometimes you need to stop reading about other people's adventures to start writing your own.  Living and working in Surat Thani is a blessing- incredible food, incredible people and incredible students. Plus it's the gateway city to some pretty incredible places. Throughout my transition, Super English has been there to help along the way from ordering a taxi to carry my stuff when I moved into my bungalow to checking in every so often just to make sure that everything was alright. So if you're reading this from your office (or bed, desk, couch, etc.), I urge you to take that leap and start your adventure." – Marlana Pawlak, 1st year SE Teacher

    "After having experienced other agencies I can easily say that Super English is the perfect place to either start or continue your journey of teaching in Thailand.  Super provides the tools, resources, and community you need to not only be a successful teacher, but also more easily adapt to the lifestyle of a foreigner in Thailand.  Super English is the smart choice to make your big decision perfect." – Alex Rhodes, 2nd year SE Teacher

    "I have had an amazing year working at Thida. This is now my third teaching position in my third country and I have nothing but good things to say about both Thida and Super English.  Peter and the team are incredibly helpful.  Whatever the query, they have always been available to me when needed.  The monthly socials are great fun and allow any concerns to be brought up in a friendly and informal setting.  It is difficult not to smile when walking around Thida as the kids are so excited and happy to see you all the time that you begin to feel like something of a celebrity.  We have a really great group of teachers who consistently share ideas which makes everything that much easier, especially on those days when inspiration is hard to come by.  Surat Thani is also a fabulous place to be and I would highly recommend it.  The location is excellent leaving us spoiled for choice at the weekends, having to decide between an island, jungle or city trip.   I am so pleased I got the opportunity to come here and work with such a great team in, what is essentially paradise, I would make the same choice again in a heartbeat!" – Michelle Harris, 1st year SE Teacher

    "Working with Super English has been exactly what I dreamed of in terms of being an ESL teacher abroad. We all want the freedom to teach, to have a stress free work environment, and time to travel. Here at Super English paperwork is minimal, supervision is rare, and the teaching is tons of fun. Loads of time off to go traveling and plenty of fun at work - that's it.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to work with Super English, you won't regret it."  - Kris Reilly, 2nd year SE Teacher

    "When I moved to Thailand, I knew within my first week that I would want to live here for a while. Staying in Surat Thani to work with Super English for another year was a very easy decision to make, and I'm so glad I did! It has been another great year of living in the Thai jungle, hopping over to the islands any weekend I want, eating lots of Pad Thai, and of course, spending time with the cutest students in the world. Staying on another year with Super has allowed me to experience more and get a taste of everything Thailand has to offer. I went from teaching P5 last year to P3 this year, and I'm so happy I did both because the grade levels are so fun and clever in very different ways. My time spent living in Thailand would not be the same without either of them. Thanks to Super English, I will never regret my decision to leave everything behind and move across the world!" – Allie Groll, 2nd year SE Teacher