I have been in Surat Thani for 9 months and MAN!! has it been an adventure.  I decided to come and teach
in Thailand, well, sort of on a whim.  I had always wanted to teach ESL after college and Super English was
the first school (after months of researching) that came across as a friendly and comfortable school/company
where I could learn how to teach.  So boom! bam! and I was here about two months after accepting the job.  
Making friends upon arrival came very natural with the warm Super English staff and before I knew it we were
off to Koh Phang-nang Island dancing the night away in the jungle!   

Then the teaching started...and I will never forget that first day!  I completely froze in front of a class of
fifty-five 6-year olds.  In retrospect I now find the situation quite humorous, but at the time not so much.  But
that's the thing about teaching I think-- you've just got to go through the motions, get into the flow of things
and have fun!  The first couple of weeks were rocky, I'll be the first to admit, but as soon as I won the
affection of that first class at Thida I knew it was well worth all the nervous anticipation and preparation.  
These kids rock! and I've actually become quite addicted to their affection.  Seriously, even if my mood is
total crap when I wake up, my face and mind-set always seems to brighten when I roll up to Thida on my
trusty two speed, aka Blue Thunder.   

At Thida I teach 14 different classes a week, each consisting of 55-60 students who are between the ages of
nine and twelve.  This leaves me with nearly 800 students!  Because I only see each class once a week I try
to make the English lessons as fun as possible.  We play games, sing songs, and honestly, do a lot of
laughing.  I regularly attend Thida snack time-- you can get some yummy food for cheap-- which is fun
because I can sit with students and attempt conversation outside of the classroom.   

In the afternoon I teach two classes at Super English.  My students are around 4, 5, and 6 years-old and full
of personality!  Super English does an incredible job at helping Thai kids feel comfortable in an English
speaking classroom.  It is extremely rewarding to see a shy tiny tot become comfortable with me and the
other students.  The more comfortable they are the more they speak and it's so cool!  Classes are smaller
here--I think my biggest class so far has been 12 students.  Therefore, it's my job to nail in the very basics
which is simple and tons of fun!

As for life on the town, there is plenty to do.  Lately, a couple of trendy cocktail bars have turned up in Surat,
as well as, a new restaurant/bar that has free wireless.  In fact, wireless connection has increased rapidly
since I first arrived--just a little perk that makes Thailand feel more like home.  I believe there are about 50
teachers in Surat Thani-- most of which I find are looking to have a good time.  The weekends are over
before you know it, in fact I've been here nearly a year and I seriously have no idea where the time has gone!

I strongly recommend working for Super English to anyone interested in teaching ESL in Thailand.  Because
of the supportive and loving staff, the incredible kids and the easy-going nature of Thai people, I am thankful
for my time here and look forward to the next six months!

Clair McCalla