Surat Thani and Super English

Surat Thani main town is where the Super English language school is based, the town itself has no real
positive write ups in any travel books. It seems they have been using the same blurb for the past few years
and not taken time to revisit the town. This isn't to say its had a radical change around in any way.  It is a
quiet town compared to the rest in Thailand but it does have a lot more to offer than first meets the eye. In
the time I have been here many new clubs, bars ,shopping malls, and restaurants have been built with new
ones being built at the time of press.

Peter and Jeab are the owners of Super English and once under the wing of their employment take on a role
of professional but highly caring nature, always eager to help out in any situations that arise in order for
your time in Thailand to be the most enjoyable experience that you could wish for.

A working week at Super English in Surat Thani:
A week at Super English is usually around 25 hours of teaching. If you are working solely at one of the
schools that Super English has contracts with your typical day may start at 7.50 am (ouch!) to be present at
school for the daily ceremony of the national anthem and flag raising, then a rest between this and the start
of lessons. (8.10/ 8.20 start)  *Peter's note: Attendance for the 7:50 a.m. flag ceremony is only required if
you work at the high school where Dez works and only if you already have a 1st period class scheduled.

All schools finish around 3.30 but the beauty of working for Super English is that you are only contracted to
be within the school grounds during your time of teaching.

If you are working at Super English main school your rota will be working a lose split shift style with two or
three hours teaching in the morning followed by a break of between two or three hours then starting again at
4.30pm and working another two hours. (At time of press Super English finishes at 6.30pm but previously it
finished at 7.30pm.)

What to do in Surat:
During the teaching weeks all the teachers in Surat communicate with each other from all the language
schools (currently eight) often meeting up for group meals, drinks, games, book swaps etc. There are many
restaurants in Surat that also double up as places to drink. Big screens are plentiful for any sports fans with
staff always willing to stay open / change the channel to help. Coffee shops (most with WIFI) also have had a
massive increase in Surat of late many of which have a more western style of desserts available for the
sweet tooth.

A second department store has recently opened with a movie hall on the top floor, once in a blue moon the
movies are played in English and I have many reports from students that they often have English subtitles.
This information is never backed up when asking the staff at the hall.

Over a bridge walking distance from Super English is an exercise island, this scenic spot also has WIFI and
all the playing courts running tracks machinery you could imagine (no weights) Surat also has a sports
stadium with swimming pool, many classes take place here at very cheap prices.  A further note for exercise
junkies is that there are at least four gyms and five swimming pools to choose from.

The pier for the night boats to the islands and the night market are both located minutes from Super English.
The night market offers many types of snacks, foods and clothing, the pier also has a good food selection
with a nice vibe for an alfresco evening.

Currently there are four night clubs in Surat that stay open till 2 or 3 am there are also two after bars that
run either till not enough people are there or till about 7am. Because of the nature of how Thais work there
are always restaurants open around the town throughout the night.

The scenery of Surat Thani town is in no way any depiction of Zion in any fools eyes but there are pockets
of natural and man made beauty to be found. One park to mention is right next to the sports stadium,
already mentioned is the exercise island and another still under cosmetic pampering is the swamp/lake on
the outskirts of the town.

Another note to any riders/skaters is that Surat is a very flat town with only a handful of areas to call hills.
As mentioned before there are two department stores in the town just minutes away from Super English,
numerous markets and just on the outskirts of the main city are two supermarkets (a third is currently under
construction in the heart of the town).

Moving around Surat can be done by tuk tuks (taxis) at around 20 baht for journeys within the town.  Many
teachers here ride pedal bikes or mopeds and as old teachers leave and new arrive it means a reliable
cheap mode of transport is always available to buy at a good price.

What to do Outside of Surat Town:
Get a travel book on Thailand or talk to people that have been and you'll quickly learn there is loads to see
and do. The pier mentioned earlier is a blessing for both beach lovers and weekend hedonists with boats
departing for a choice of three islands at 11pm every night (weather permitting).

Super English, unlike some other language schools, provides housing with the job, all of the houses come
semi furnished with; a bed, a fan and a wardrobe for your bedroom, and a sofa style seat for the living room
area. This  may be all that is in your house when you arrive. Anything else within the house is a generous
gift from previous teachers. Most houses have a kitchen area but this is unfitted.  You will have no fridge,
gas burners, plates, cups etc.  Some teachers purchase these themselves.

The pay from Super English is on an hourly basis. It is a good wage to live on in Thailand and if planned
correctly you can save and have money for traveling during the breaks. One point of interest is to remember
is that there is a two month break from teaching from March to May.  Super English puts summer camps on
during these times and does everything possible to bring in any work to suit you. Also there are many
Buddhist holidays in the year that the schools close for sometimes a day or sometimes more.

Crime should in my eyes be treated the same all over the world.  If you can protect your things better, then
do it.  All the houses have two locks on the door and, as with all houses in Thailand, have bars on the
windows. The houses are effectively a cage and as long as you remember to lock door your you are safe.
The thieves figure that all Westerners are rich, have a lap top , nice camera for travel pics, have mp3
players and keep big money notes laying around the house. (they're probably not so far off in many of the
houses of teachers) so I'm sure you can imagine its like a honey pot for a ......... bear.

Nearly done...

What brother Dez suggests to bring with you and remember on your glorious adventure with Super English:

Its hard to find good quality cotton bed sheets in Surat.

If you're a book reader there is no good English book store in Surat, only swaps with other teachers.

Underwear and applicator tampons for girlies

MUSIC. This one I can't stress enough - if you like music bring it and lots of it.

Just to bear in mind......

You are in Thailand- brush up on Thai customs and traditions, ways of life. Don't expect that everyone can
speak English. This is Thailand.  Don't think you can change the way in which things are done here.  Be

Surat Thani is a small town with many eyes and many mouths.  Because of our different appearance people
recognize that you must be here teaching. Locals seem to have a lot of respect for the Westerners doing the
job of educating their youngsters, so try to keep up a clean image.

Watch out for the tuk tuk drivers in Surat.  When they see the big rucksack or a new pasty face they will try
their luck (150 baht for a 20 baht journey). From my experience of traveling nearly all over Thailand the
Surat boys have the biggest cheek with the prices they ask.

Please bear in mind any prices are at current time of print.

Dez mouth spoken... him tell no lies and will answer any questions honest and true if you wanna email.