It is finally starting to dawn on me that I am coming to the end of my contract with Super English.  I know it
may sound like a cliché, but it feels like just yesterday I was arriving in Surat not knowing what to expect.  
Though I am not entirely sure that I am ready to move on from the friends and life I have made in Surat, I
am excited to see what comes next.  When I first came to Surat Thani I had never taught abroad.  While I
had taught in the States before, this was an entirely new experience for me.  I knew that I enjoyed teaching
and I loved to travel so I decided, why not try my hand at teaching abroad?  I am so glad that I did.

My first few months in Surat were a blend of excitement, homesickness, anticipation and a slight case of
nerves.  Not only had I not taught abroad before, I had never traveled further than central Europe.  It was
something I had always wanted to do.  I had simply never had the opportunity.  When Peter offered me the
job I was ecstatic.  Within two months of the interview I was in Thailand.  It surprised me how many things
were similar to home.  Granted there were many things that took adjustments, the language barrier for
one, but nothing that was too much for me to handle.  

Around my three-month mark I had a rather disastrous experience. My house was broken into and my
computer and camera were stolen.  I remember wanting to get on a plane then and there.  If the airport
had been next door I just may have.  Thankfully my family and everyone in Surat were very supportive and
I decided to stay.  A choice that I am now extremely happy I made.  While it was hard to readjust to a life
without a computer it did force me to get more involved with the Thai culture since I could no longer hide
behind my computer screen.  Not shortly after, several teachers and myself headed up north to Chiang
Mai and the surrounding area.  It was an incredible trip!

I have gotten to travel to several other places within Thailand and am planning a trip to Cambodia in a few
weeks once my contract is up.  I came to Thailand with the intention of teaching, knowing that the travel
was a bonus.   I have had the most wonderful opportunities to travel since getting to Surat.  From sitting
on a sunny deserted beach to swimming in the jungle during a downpour, the memories and experiences I
have had in Thailand are one of a kind.  Just as my travel experiences were one of a kind so were my

I have had the advantage of working at all of the schools that Super English contracts within my time
here.  When I first arrived I worked at New Thida with the P1 students. The P1’s are about six to seven
years old.  They are so much fun to teach!  They always took a lot of energy to teach, which could be a
negative on days when you were feeling tired. Though, on the positive, they could always make you
smile.  In addition to Thida I was teaching two classes at Super English in the evening.  I fell in love with my
little students. They were so smart and so excited.  After the long break I moved to Suratpittaya.  At
Suratpittaya I teach the M1 and M6 students. The M1’s are around eleven to twelve years old and the M6’
s are around seventeen to eighteen years old.  I was rather nervous about teaching high school after
teaching six year olds for so many months.  I remembered the attitude issues high school students tend to
have in the states and as a teacher attitude is my biggest pet peeve.  While I have encountered it from
one or two students, the majority of my Matayom students are fantastic.  In all honesty if I had started at
Suratpittaya I would most likely have signed on for another year so that I could continue with my students
until they graduate.  

I am so glad that I had this experience with Super English. It was a perfect starting point for my goals as a
teacher. I will certainly not say that everything has always been perfect.  Like working and living anywhere,
you will always hit an occasional rough patch.  When it comes to the end if the good outweighs the bad I
think you have done pretty well for yourself.  In my case, I can say that the few low points do not even
compare in amount when I look at all of the fun and beneficial experiences I have had while living and
working here.   I would never trade away my time here, and can not stress enough when I say thank you to
everyone I have worked with over the past year.  I am going to miss you all. All the best and cheers!  Kap-