After having spent a year and a half in Thailand and reflecting back on my previous testimonials I'd like to talk
about and express my gratitude for all the holiday time I received while working at Super English. During all this
time off I had the opportunity to visit Laos and many other beautiful places within Thailand that were amazing.
However, the most important thing it allowed me to do was become certified in Thai massage and Reiki.  Working
with Super English not only allowed me to become an English teacher but, because of their extensive holiday
allowance for their teachers, I was also able to do other things which interested me about Thai culture.  

There are many places around Thailand you can become certified as a natural health practioner, yoga teacher
or masseuse. I chose to do 2 of those. I studied Thai massage in it's birth place, which is the Northern Thai city
of Chiang Mai. I had enough time to take a intensive 2 week course, and return the next month for 7 more days
of training. Don't get me wrong, these courses are intense they are both physically and mentally demanding. But
if you are serious about learning massage ITM is a good school to look into.

I also have become a Reiki master since being in Thailand.  I studied this in Koh Phangan Island, which is only a
short bus and boat trip from Surat. These courses are also about half the cost they are back home, that's just
one of the perks of Thailand! I took my classes on weekends, so while I was working in Surat I studied at Chakra
massage on Haad Rin Beach.

The most exciting part is I have set up a studio in my house in Surat and have been practicing on friends and
family. I plan to take my newly acquired skills back to Canada and become a natural health practitioner. There
are so many opportunities to explore besides just travelling and sightseeing. Other options to look for are
meditation retreats, yoga classes, cooking classes, and jewelry making.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to teach in Thailand and work at Super English. The staff team is
incredibly supportive and caring and always offer good advice and encouragement.  Working in Thailand has
opened my eyes to so many new points of view and experiences, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I will miss
working with Thai kids and teaching English, but will surely be back to visit in the near future!

If you have any questions about taking courses in Thailand please email me at