Today is a perfect time for me to write a testimonial. I just signed up for an additional year at Super
English. Ten months down, fourteen more to go. And I'm sincerely excited. When I find something good,
I like to stick with it.

But, let me go back a little.

My first few months of teaching were hard. Thai kids love to laugh and have fun, but it's hard to not get
upset when trying to speak over than 55 rambunctious kids. Being in a different country and not
speaking the language can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience at times. It took me about
four months of teaching to learn the most valuable lesson you need to thrive in teaching a Thai school:
Laugh. Laugh at your students, laugh at yourself and laugh just to make things easier. Sometimes
that's all you can do.

I especially struggled that first semester with a couple of fifth-grade classes who were very
undisciplined. They were loud, unruly, rude and crazy. I dreaded going to those classes.

OK. So enter Super English. SE owner Peter M. worked with me a lot to get those classes under control.
He gave me advice, encouragement and support. SE director Victoria was great— sitting in on those
classes to give me feedback and listening to my frustrations.

And that's not even all. The other teachers at SE made me feel welcome here. They showed me
around, took me out to eat, helped me figure the Surat world out. That's the kind of welcome you don't

On the last day of class of my first semester, my fifth-year students got together and bought me a huge
fruit basket. Several kids recited poems of appreciation in English, and they sang me a song. The
students made me cards and hugged me good-bye.

That sealed the deal for me. At the end of the semester, Peter kindly gave me the option of dropping
those difficult classes, but I chose to keep them this semester. I don't regret it at all. I am happy to see
my students every day. They love me— even though we often don't understand each other.

Teaching can be tough, so it's really important to be at a school you like with people who care about
you. I can't imagine a better place for a new teacher than Super English.