I have absolutely loved my time here in Thailand and working for Super English.  I like the fact that Super
puts so much  trust in its  teachers and gives us so much freedom.  I also like the emphasis that is placed
on having fun with the students.  I'm going to be really, really sad to go.  I feel lucky to have found such an
enjoyable job in such a good location.

Working as a teacher in Surat Thani has been a very  rewarding experience.  I have learnt so much about
Thailand and about myself in the past year. The teaching aspect of it has been wonderful. My stress level
has been virtually zero since I have been here.  No papers to grade or reports to write.  No parent
conferences to worry about.  All I have to focus on is coming up with an effective and engaging lesson and
then executing it in the classroom.  That's what a teacher's job is, right?  

I have had good days and bad days with my classes.  I think that goes for any job.  For the most part the
students are happy and eager to learn.  They like to have fun.  On occasion there will be some frustrating
moments.  Students won't listen, they won't understand, they can be rude.  Luckily patience is one of my
strengths which is extremely important for being a teacher.  The good has far outweighed the bad.

Aside from the teaching, this year  has taught me about Thai culture in a very unique way.   Living in Surat
Thani has exposed me to things that I never would have experienced had I simply been traveling here as a
tourist. This is something that I am extremely thankful for.  

In addition to having a year of teaching under my belt and a new understanding for Thai culture I also have
a new set of friendships.  The teachers at Super English are an interesting and helpful crew of characters.  
I have had some really fun times with the people I have met here that I am going to remember for the rest
of my life.      

Overall this year has been fantastic.  I will miss Surat Thani very much.  Thanks everyone for the great