Captain's Log, Stardate 2011.11.25

   So it's been approximately 7 months now. A bit nuts. It seems both long and short in the same
time. It's hard to believe that I've been “Thai-ing” my shoes here for that long (get it?). At the
same time it's been going like a stampede. I feel like a rhinoceros in a china shop, or is it gorilla?
(editor’s note: it’s a bull)  It's hectic, relaxing, flustering, and amazing all wrapped up into a crazy
burrito of emotion.
   I've gotten one full semester of teaching under my belt, but I'm still trying to figure this thing
called teaching out. There are times I know I should get the gold medal for owning young minds,
and other times I feel like the only thing they learned is that I have red hair, not gold hair.
Common misconception. Like any teacher, I have my favorites and my not so favorites. I just tell
the students that they’re not my favorite in hopes that if you “treat 'em like dirt, they'll stick like
mud.”  The teaching itself is usually exceptional. When you walk in the classroom, you enter rock
star status. I've never handed out more autographs (and not just for my magazine cover) since
being a teacher. Some of that may be attributed to the fact that I have to sign notebooks, but
regardless, I feel important. It's empowering.
   I've been traveling the lands, surviving the floods, taking water bottle showers, and getting
notoriety through the form of vampirism, but this wouldn't have been possible without Super
English. Moving out here is a huge change, but with Super you jump into ever caring hands. I'm
consistently impressed by the amount of care that each person receives from the “higher ups” in
the company. After just two or three weeks, Peter carved out 30 minutes of his day for each of the
new people that came in for the semester, just to make sure things were okay. I think the only
question he asked me, “So how do you like it?” He just sat back and listened as I regaled him with
tales of my first experiences teaching, how making the switch to Thai living was sometimes a
crazy ordeal, and how much this decision was working out for me. It was all just to make sure I was
transitioning nicely. Then I have Janet and John always there, just a phone call and a Leo beer
bottle away. Anything said to them is taken with such grace, and a smile that seems to make the
situation better even though nothing was done. I can say with solid certainty that I've never slept
on a rug with kittens attacking my feet and face all night before meeting them. They may be cat
people, but they’re good people.
   I have great workmates, a solid group of friends, roommates that are always down to hoe down
and 2 step (a little Texan thing I picked up), and comrades in arms that have helped see me
through the end of the world and back. I love that all these people are in the same group of 15
people I know. I already have longings for a couple ladies who left, but the ones who have replaced
them are bringing their own fresh and new dynamic to this crew. You feel like it could be
worrisome to move into a dorm style house with a bunch of strangers you've only known through
the few emails that are sent to everyone. I've never been more pleased with roommates in my life,
other than Daniel of course. From late night helmet dancing to dress up parties, there are always
fun times to be had with these people.
   All in all, I think coming to teach with Super English is one of the best decisions I made in my
life. Cheezzzey I know, and it seems like everyone says this, but you should've seen my life working
at the bar in Ruby Tuesday before this (for you becks). Plus when I see a facebook update from my
friend saying, “Out of the office before the sun went down for the first time in weeks...WINNING”
I know that things are going at least slightly better than they were before. It's so sweet in fact, I
just signed on for another year, and I'm only just over halfway through my first. If that doesn't
express to you how good I feel about it, then go jump in a lake!

Captain Ryan, Signing off.
Ryan Day's 1st Semester Testimonial