You might say I am unapologetically an escapist. When I came to Thailand for the first time a year and a
half ago, I was in a crisis. A crisis because of snow! Upstate New York was covered with the icy horror all
January, and all I could do was to look outside and wish I was someplace warmer, greener, more
accepting. So I spun the old globe around and figured Thailand was worth a go. Not only was it directly on
the other side of the planet, but it was a mere half-inch away from the equator! At least on my map it was.
A week or so later, my flight was booked and I was well on my way towards my next adventure!

   Oh beautiful Thailand, you were such a feast for the eyes! Chaos and confusion, smiling faces, and
green! Every crack in the sidewalk had exotic flowers bursting from the seams. I couldn’t go back. I wouldn’
t. I would stay! Yeah, stay and work. Put that dusty degree to work and become the wacky teacher I had
always admired. Surat Thani was an ideal location (beaches, hot hot hot, minimal tourists) and Super
English was the ideal place (opportunity to teach high school students, minimal paperwork, maximum
pleasure). And so I settled in.

   What followed was one of the most rewarding years of my life, and also a time of tremendous personal
growth. I was one of the youngest teachers in town (23) and despite having lived away from home since I
was 12, it was a big jump to be totally disconnected from my home and friends. My wonderful roommates,
Dez and Angela (you can also read their testimonials!) made my life is Surat full of laughs, and as I learned
how to decipher their twisted Yorkshire and Scottish accents respectively, I forged some great and lasting
friendships. Yay UK!

   Funny how time flies. Today was my last official day of work. It was the culmination of sports week for the
students, which ended in a massive parade down at the stadium. It seems like just last week when I was
watching the same general procession during my first week teaching. I had been totally overwhelmed with
the insane costumes and dramatic floats the students had made. This time, I was overwhelmed by the
faces of my students who I had taught throughout the last year. The flag holder was one of my star pupils,
while the beautiful model holding the King’s picture was from my favorite Mattayum 5 class. A few of the
bright boys had even dressed up as (very convincing) women! I clicked away furiously with my camera,
hoping to keep a little bit of Thailand with me when the snows come to my new home Paris, France.

   Super English gave me the guts to start teaching, and now that I have found this passion, I will let it take
me around the world.