Seems like just yesterday I was writing my first testimonial. It was a time of growing pains and
dramatic highs and lows. Now I am settled. I am two years in and the current Director of Super
English Language School.
Why did I stay? For many, many reasons. One of the foremost being that I take my time getting to
know a place. After one year at Super English it was clear to me that I still had a lot to learn. Both
about teaching and living in Thailand. I didn’t even question staying on longer. Then the potential
for advancement opened up and I jumped on it. I feel very proud of the time I have spent at Super
The school itself is a wonderful work environment. Yes, it has its stresses but they are far
outweighed by the benefits. The Owner of the school (Peter) has been a very accommodating,
informative, supportive, and fun boss. There is a genuine feeling of ‘teachers first’ at Super English
and I am very happy to be continuing that ideal.
The town is a wonderful (if not oddball) mix of people from around the world. You are free to try
and fit in with the Thai culture or just relax that second language portion of your brain and hang out
with the teaching crew. There is always something to do. Sometimes you have to work a little to
find it, but it can be found. Oh, yes it can be found.
My quality of life here is amazing. No, I am not saving any money for the long term but that is
because I choose to travel every chance I can. I do need to slap myself when I whine about the
necessity to have a ‘lean’ month. Which means I can’t go on a mini vacation to a tropical island
every weekend. I eat exceptionally well. I eat out or I eat in (about the same cost). I can drink at
leisure. I have made wonderful, eclectic friends. I can relax here.
My mother always told me that you should do something everyday that scares you. In Thailand
you do that. You challenge yourself everyday. And I can’t think of a better environment to that in
than Super English.