Super English Testimonial.

Three years. I have been with the school three years. That, in itself, is a fine testimonial. I will go into a few
specifics. Here is the short list of why I have stayed and enjoyed my time at Super English.
-        My boss. Peter is a very open minded boss. He lets people excel at their own rate. He is also open to any
kind of new idea. If it is proposed correctly and it will do no harm to the students, teacher ideas are never shot
down. I also appreciate that he accepts all kinds of teaching styles. He always tries to understand where
teachers are coming from. He also appreciates that moving to a foreign country is difficult and tries to
counteract this whenever possible. I am very thankful.
-        Opportunity for advancement. I was able to become a head teacher, assistant director and director. I
always felt supported. Any ideas I had were supported, even if they were not always successful. I was able to
create a new management system, expand on contracts, create syllabi and curriculums, deal directly with
teachers issues (some comical and some quite intense!), and really feel like I was running the show. I was
trusted. This is a very unique opportunity that I feel cannot be found in many other places. I am grateful for all
the experience I gained at Super English.
-        The students. At Super English Language school I was able to keep a core group of six students in my
class for three years. I saw those kids every workday for an hour for three years! I will always cherish my time
with those kids and when I see them approaching new teachers and speaking confidently in English, my heart
glows. Teaching is often a very slow progress and rarely do you get to see how much you have helped. At
Super English  I was able to witness that growth.
-        Freedom in the classroom. I was always trusted to do a good job. I was able to ask for help whenever I
needed it.  I was never pressured into observations or video tapings. Those things make me feel anxious and
impeded in the classroom. Peter respected this. This freedom allowed me to grow and become a good teacher
at my own pace. As director I was often observed but because I was allowed to find my footing at my own pace I
was fully confident in my abilities. I appreciate that Super never feels like trial by fire.
-        Holiday time. Super English has the most holiday time. This is great for allowing you to explore the
country and really get a feel for where you are living. It also makes you a better teacher because just as you
are beginning to feel burned out. Blamo, Island time!
-        Feeling of security. I always felt like I could ask the school for whatever assistance I needed. Even if it was
not work related. That is a really cool and unique thing about Super. When you are on the team, they really
have your back. Not many jobs can give you a feeling of belonging, security, and validation that the work you
are doing has purpose. Super (Peter especially) provided me with all three.
These are the main reasons I stayed. The biggies. There are many small reasons as well. I firmly believe that
for a first comer to Thailand Super English is one of the best schools you could come to. It works hard to
support you. Not many other schools do. I am very thankful for all my time with Super. And for all the

Directors top 5 list.
Top 5 things not to do in a classroom: (all of these have happened)
1.        Walk in and start erasing the board while the Thai teacher’s lesson is still ongoing.
2.        Wear shorts and flip flops.
3.        Open 5 textbooks on a student’s desks, start reading, and never look up.
4.        Fall asleep.
5.        Start brushing your teeth and then excuse yourself to spit.

Top 5 reasons for being late: (all of these have been used)
1.        Turned my alarm off in my sleep.
2.        No one woke me up.
3.        I had to poop.
4.        My bike chain fell off.
5.        The damn roosters wouldn’t shut up.

Top 6 reasons I am now the most jumpy person I know
1.        Never ending cockroach foot attacks.
2.        The cockroaches also fly. Face attacks.
3.        The centipede the size of my hand crawling up my thigh in bed.
4.        The spider the size of my face jumping out of my toilet bowl.
5.        The giant scorpion in my backpack.
6.        MOTH BATS!