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  • Why teach with Super English

    There are many, many schools to choose from.  They all seem to offer very similar things: identical pay, usually the same perks, and obviously everyone is teaching Thai children or adults.  So why should you choose Super English?  First, Super English is completely dedicated to being the absolute best school for teachers and students.  Our school curriculum is designed so that each individual teacher has the flexibility and autonomy to teach in whatever style they feel most comfortable with.  Each teacher can choose not only how to teach but also, to a large extent, what to teach.  We give the classes to you.  They are your students.

    While giving our teachers empowerment in their own classrooms, we simultaneously offer more support than any other school.  We do a full training course prior to teaching and offer feedback, advice and suggestions whenever it is asked for.  We have 3 full-time Western managers who are available anytime you require it.   We try our hardest to let each teacher develop in their own time.  Everyone can always improve and we leave as much room as possible for people to do so at their own pace and according to their own needs.  To this end we have Super English University, which is a rolling training program and full of courses available to any teacher at any time throughout their contract time at our school. Courses include “Discipline 201”, “Advanced Lesson Planning”, “Building Blocks 201”, “Thai Culture 301”, “Advanced Resource Retrieval”, “Muay Thai for beginners”, and lots more.  Additional programs are added as different teachers request them.

    In addition to offering more teaching support, we also offer more resources and practical tools for each teacher to use in his or her classroom.  Our curriculum is designed for each teacher to use it with ease and flexibility.  Our Flashcard Center is well stocked. Most of our textbooks are compiled so that you don’t have to go searching through three separate textbooks to find two pages on what you want to teach.  Everything is ready and easy to use. 

    From the very beginning to where we are now, Super English has always been working hard to be the best school for teachers.  We are always trying to improve in this goal and we always want to hear from our teachers how we can improve to make the school even better.  We strive to recognize, reward and appreciate the efforts and hard work of each individual teacher and make sure they feel valued and part of the Super English team.  Everyone on the team, from the director, to the head teacher, to the teachers, to the Thai staff, is equals.  Nobody tries to boss anyone else around.  We are respectful of each other and act friendly and professionally in all situations.  We help each other, listen to each other, and are always available for any reason.  We are a real team.

    The school is owned and run by Westerners.  This means that you will not encounter the many miscommunications, misunderstandings, and assumptions which often go along with working for an employer from another culture.  Having had personal experience with this and hearing the exact same stories of woe from others, it is quite clear that working directly for Thai people can be very challenging for westerners.  Thai people often find it equally challenging to work with Westerners.  It is definitely a merging (many say clashing) of cultures in the workplace and that doesn’t always go smoothly.  By having Western managers, however, all of that is avoided.  That doesn’t mean that there won’t be other misunderstandings along the way, but at least we are all basing our actions on our common cultural interpretations of reasonable expectations and clear standards of communication.

    Super English does not want to be the biggest school.  We want to be the best.  We are known as the best but we constantly strive to improve ourselves, our teaching practices and the quality which we provide the students.  Our commitment to quality education has led us to the top of English language education in Surat Thani.  Our students truly enjoy learning English and work hard to improve their overall abilities.  They are the top English students in their regular Thai schools and always place in
    the top two in the many different English contests which take place. 

    The main reason for our strong success is that every Super English teacher is sincerely dedicated to providing the absolute best they can to the students who learn with us.  We recognize the importance which learning English has upon their future and we strive to prepare the students as well as possible for that time.  Super English teachers work hard and quickly see the rewards as their students’ English levels begin to rapidly improve.  Our balance between teacher empowerment and flexibility as well as
    total dedication to the students has made us the best school for teachers and students.  And we are still improving.

    Super English - a school run by and for creative, enthusiastic and hardworking teachers.