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  • Why I have decided to teach with SE by Brittney Johnson 2010

         I have decided to teach with Super English for many reasons.  First let me say that I have done thorough research on teaching English abroad.  I taught English for 1 year in South Korea.  It has always been important for me to find a quality school when job searching.  Some people I know took the first job they were offered to teach English abroad.  Not me.  I wanted to know details about the school, curriculum, housing, salary, hours, co-teachers, the town I’d be living in, etc.  So when I began job searching for my next teaching position abroad, I had some basic criteria that I was looking for.  I was open to teaching anywhere in the world.  But as soon as I talked with Peter, I realized some of the things I thought were important to me, were not as important as the unique, organic and supportive environment I felt I would experience with SE.  I was looking for an authentic quality school, rather than just a high paying job. Normally, when getting offered a job that didn’t pay as much as other schools or countries, I would automatically disregard and not even consider it.  However, as soon as I talked with Peter, I knew it was worth taking into consideration. He was very open and honest about teaching at SE.  He patiently answered all of my questions, gave me time to consider, and instantly put me in contact with current and future teachers who answered all of my questions immediately and honestly.  I felt an instant connection with him as a boss, the other teachers, the school, and the overall approach and mentality of SE.  I could tell Peter had put his heart and soul into starting and maintaining SE.  I researched the school’s website and was thoroughly impressed by the teacher’s testimonies and the transparency about the school.  

    Peter is completely upfront and honest about the positives and negatives of working at SE in Surat Thani.  In my experience in Korea, the private language schools are run as a business first, and a place of learning second.  They care more about money and keeping the parents happy.  I could tell that SE was the complete opposite of that.  It is apparent that the kids and quality teaching come first.  I really loved the overall vibe of the school and the amount of support, respect and encouragement all the teachers seemed to get.  I love the fact that the teachers can try new things and be creative, even if it ends up not working.  It seems to be a place where fun and creative learning thrive.  There is no way I would have taken a job teaching English in Thailand if it were for a different school.  But I felt like I really couldn’t miss out on this positive, challenging and exciting experience at SE. I really feel that SE is an exception to all other schools in Thailand (and the world for that matter).  I can tell teamwork, support and quality teaching are priorities.  I am thoroughly looking forward to teaching at SE, working with the other teachers, meeting my new students, challenging myself and experiencing the “real” Thailand.