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  • Why Super English Rocks by Brittney Johnson 2011

    I have been aware that Super English rocks since my first encounter with SE.  The entire process of getting hired to teaching classes has been a smooth and positive experience.  The management and staff have been transparent, personable and accessible from the beginning.

    I taught English in Korea last year.  So far my experience in SuratThani has been completely different, in a positive way.  I had never taught before going to Korea.  So as a new teacher I expected to get a lot of feedback and things to improve on.  There was no oversight or anyone to go to with questions.  I was never told if I was doing a good job or not.  The school was run more as a business than a school.  So the focus was keeping the parents happy and making money.  Not on quality teaching. And they didn’t make us feel comfortable asking questions.  I just had to figure it out on my own.

    My first week at Super English has been incredible!  Everyone has made me feel so welcomed.  Even though I had a short training, it felt very thorough.  I observed the director, Victoria, for 2 days. She made sure I was prepared, confident and ready to teach my own classes.  She took extra time to help me plan my own lessons.  The other teachers have taken time out to show me around Surat.  I feel that the management and teachers are all accessible if I have any problems or questions.  Everyone has been incredibly encouraging and supportive.  In Korea, I had to figure out everything for myself.  I didn’t have an entire staff of people there for me if I needed anything.  

    Super English encourages teachers to be creative and effective by not having to follow a strict curriculum.  We have targets that we focus our lessons around, but it’s not limited to that.  We have a lot of flexibility.  In Korea we had so much pointless paperwork to do everyday.  We spent hours upon hours on paperwork that didn’t help in our teaching.  It actually took away from quality teaching because we spent more time filling out paperwork than actually teaching.  SE’s motto is to put your focus in the actual classroom.  SE truly cares about the staff and students.  SE focuses on having fun, because if the students aren’t having fun, they aren’t going to pay attention and therefore will not learn.  SE stresses both, have fun and learn!  I’m still figuring out ways to achieve both.  But that is the beauty of SE.  Peter, the owner and founder of SE, encourages teachers to try new things.  If it works, great!  If it doesn’t, oh well, at least you tried.  The possibilities are endless at SE and I’m so excited to be part of such a well-rounded, positive team!

    In conclusion, SE rocks because of the people who work there and the way the school is run.  The people are who make SE what it truly is.  They make it more than just a place to learn English.  SE really focuses on quality teaching.  You can tell that SE cares more about its students and maintaining good teachers than making money.  This is extremely important.  The teachers are treated with respect and given quite a bit of responsibility.  SE is all about empowering their teachers.  We take our jobs seriously and give it 100%!  But the best part is if we need help, there is an entire staff there to lend a hand!