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  • What do teachers think is the most negative thing about working with Super English? 2009

    “Long days.”  Ryan Johnson

    “The schedule is tough to deal with on some days.” Erica Ambrose

    “Dealing with the not-so-honest types that occasionally pass through, much as we try to avoid it.  We pour a large amount of time, money, and energy into trying to make our teachers happy and content.  We try hard to be a good school with good management and a good team atmosphere.  It is very depressing when someone tries to deliberately damage that.”  Peter Meltzer

    “Additions to existing classes by either new students or current students being moved.” Jamie Erman

    “The most negative thing about SE is also somewhat positive.  Being based in Surat, you really get an
    authentic Thai experience.  There is nothing touristy about this city.  That being said, had I not spent a
    month in Thailand before coming here, the cultural and communicational differences I’ve experienced since coming here might have been a little overwhelming.“ Scott Saier

    “The split shift.” Clair McCalla