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  • What do teachers think is the most positive thing about working with Super English? 2009

    “Active, interested students.”  Ryan Johnson

    “Really getting to know the students and seeing them progress leaps and bounds as time goes by.  Also the community of teachers Super English fosters is really helpful, not to mention tons of fun.” Erica Ambrose

    “Working with the kids, seeing them have fun while learning and know that I was a part of making that happen.  It is extremely rewarding to know someone is enjoying learning from you and with you.”  Peter

    “Freedom to develop into whatever sort of teacher I am inclined to be. Freedom of curriculum. Relaxed work environment.” Craig Blackburn, former teacher

    “Hands down the atmosphere and the children. Given the opportunity to work in such a positive atmosphere with kids that make me smile is all I could have asked for.”  Jamie Erman, former teacher

    “The most positive thing about working with SE is how smooth and painless you’ve made such a monumental transition become. “ Scott Saier

    “Working with genuinely caring, friendly, and nice people: the staff at Super English, the staff at the Thai schools, and my students.” Caleb and Codie Kostechka

    “Feeling continually supported. Working in a foreign country is daunting at times.  It is nice to know I
    always have someone to talk to or help me (personally and professionally). Creative freedom and possibility for advancement.” Victoria Biggs

    “The students.  Having taught kids between 4 and 11 years old I find Thai kids to be kind and fun-loving with a little hint of crazy.” Clair McCalla