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  • After Super English by Dylan Bird 2011

    Dear Peter and the Super English Team

    Date; 02/01/2011  - approximately one year and a bit (I did say approximate) since I left
    Thailand for new adventures.

    Current location; a rather chilly and wet England

    Current status; TBC, but exciting!!!

    Peter, a huge word of thanks to you and the rest of the Super English team of fellow teachers and staff, who have all in your own way, great and small, shaped for me my most recent paths.

    Since coming to work for you in Thailand from early 2008 until late 2009, and having such a positive and inspiring experience of teaching, i have been pursuing that path ever since. I arrived home to the UK in late 2009, and landed a job working as a learning support officer for an environmental charity, aiding students studying for qualifications in Environmental Conservation achieve their goals. Post that I worked for some time in a Nursery school in England working with the younger children as a teaching assistant, and in particular with one beautiful young boy, Max, who had speech and language development needs. I am 100% convinced that the tools that  learned out in Thailand and the games and exercises picked up from you guys helped me enormously to communicate with Max and to help him develop his communication skills. Following that I managed to land a pretty sweet job teaching
    environmental education, and English language teaching, to students at a nature reserve in a Costa Rican rain forest, working as part of a programme funded by the European Union. Again, with language barriers, I was able to present information using the physical teaching methods and play-work I had developed in my teaching in Thailand. The skills and confidence I had gained delivering English language teaching in Thailand definitely stepped up the quality of my teaching to students in Costa Rica. Since returning once again to the cold and grim north of England, I am now enrolled onto a professional teaching course, to teach primary school aged children (5-11 year olds) at Manchester University which  will be starting in September, and to keep me out of mischief in the meantime I am applying for posts teaching English as a foreign language with the British Council in Spain.

    I felt I needed to write to you to tell you about all these wonderful and exciting things that have happened to me as a way of thanking you for all that you taught me whilst I was with you and for undoubtedly changing my paths direction in the most positive of ways. Many thanks for the skills, games and tricks I now carry wit me into every classroom. Thank you for the continued support since leaving. Thank you for all the references you continue to write for me. And thank you for being a wonderful inspiration and opening my eyes to the joys of teaching.