About Thidamaepra

About Thidamaepra

Thidamaepra School, or Thida as it is commonly reffered to, houses the main program at which Super English teachers work. The sprawling campus's classes cover young students just beginning their education in Anuban to teenage students graduating from Mattayom.

Teaching at Thida will allow you to teach Mini English Program (MEP) and IEP level classes. The distinction between the different levels is how many times a week they meet; MEP meets approximately 15 times a week covering English, science, and mathematics, IEP meets five times a week covering only English. 

Currently, in the 2018-2019 school year, eight SE teachers work at Thida teaching eight MEP classes ranging from Prathom 1 - Prathom 6, as well as 14 sections of IEP Prathom 1 and Prathom 2. 

In this tab you will find more information about Thida, the MEP program, and plenty of visuals to give you an idea of the overall experience of teaching at Thida. 

Photo: MEP building at Thida

Photo Credit: Levi Shand